7 Tips for Safety While Trekking in Nepal

Summary: Have a look at the 7 essential tips every trekker must know. Read this blog to understand the points in-depth.

It is obvious that you often feel awful and non-enthusiastic; this could be due to your monotonous routine or lifestyle. You can try trekking, hiking or mountaineering as it can help you to resuscitate the vivacity and liveliness in you. To give your stagnant and boring life a new start, try to participate in trekking tours in Nepal. The beautiful country is surrounded by magnificent, snow-laden mountains which attract a lot of travel enthusiasts here. Trek to the mightiest peak of Mount Everest, Manaslu Treks or Annapurna trekking or Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking Tours are some of the most popular trekking tours.

Trekking or mountaineering is not just for fun but it eventually helps you to uncover the hidden daredevil in you. It is an amazing idea to plan a trekking tour as it is also an amazing way to challenge your physical capabilities. Trekking is all about discovering new places, facing new adventures, meeting new people and walking the extra mile for a surprising venture. Planning and research plays a vital part before the trekking tour as safety is the top-most priority. Here in this article, you can read about the 7 most essential tips to stay safe and healthy while trekking. Have a look!

7 Significant Tips to trek safely and confidently: Check out!

There are plenty of places and destinations for trekking or hiking such as trekking Tours in India or Nepal or Malaysia but all of these holidays demand proper planning. Just before you step out, you are supposed to research about the place and the trail. Also, all your research work would help you a lot, on the trekking spot as well. Check out some of the important tips for an exhilarating trek. 

  • Check out the weather forecast

Before you plan a trekking tour, you are supposed to research about the weather conditions of the trekking destinations as well as of the surrounding areas. The trails take you to higher altitudes where there are harsh climatic conditions. To not get stuck in a drastic condition such as stormy or rainy weather, you must be aware of the present-day climatic state. If you are choosing Nepal as your trekking destination, you must know that the country has a predictable climatic condition. Yes, there are sudden snowfalls, landslides and rain and you might get caught in a bad weather system. Try to avoid trekking during monsoon and keep a track of the conditions.

  • Pack your bag including the essentials 

You have to carry your bag while trekking or hiking. Make sure you pack all the essentials without filing it with unnecessary items. You have to walk miles with that bag on your shoulder, so it is better just to include the important and most-needed items. Keep a torch, an extra towel, power bank, and few extra water bottles.

  • Do not Rush 

Trekking takes you to unknown trails, and so surety is a must. All higher altitude treks certainly are a test both for your lungs and legs. You need to understand that you must take your time. Give your body proper time and space to adapt according to the thinner air. You must have heard about altitude sickness, which can cause severe health issues like headaches, dizziness, nausea and even death. So, a slow and steady approach could help you to trek without any chaos or trouble.

  • Carry your cell-phone and a power bank 

Many travelers prefer not using their cell-phone while they are trekking but it is not a good choice. You must stay connected, yes it is true that there might be poor connection and even no connection sometimes but it is not the same case everywhere. Also, prefer carrying a power bank, to put your cell phone and torch on charge.

  • Get a Travel insurance

It is a great idea to buy traveling insurance as it helps to prevent unwanted trip cancellation, and it also pays for your evacuation to the hospital if needed. To stay safe, and enjoy the tour, you can buy the travel insurance.

  • You must carry a GPS Tracker 

There are times when you would feel lost. It is a great idea to keep a GPS Tracker with you so that you are aware enough of the trails you are walking on. These devices help you to stay connected with your friends and family as well as provide you an emergency assistance for immediate help. In this way, you could be exactly located which makes the work of the evacuation team easier and quicker.

  • Appoint a local guide 

To stay safe and feel comfortable, it is a great idea to hire a local trekking guide. One who knows about the trail, the destinations, the weather conditions, and the culture of the place. They can predict early signs of danger since they have been living in these areas for years.

The aforementioned, points in this blog descriptively give you some amazing ideas about the various ways in which you can make your trekking tour interesting, affordable and safe. 

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