8 Reasons That Proves Why You Should Go For Trekking Once In Life

Summary: Learn about the life and self by being close to nature with a rejuvenating trekking expedition. Explore the article to know why a person should go for trek once in their life. 

It always feels good to be lost in the right direction, it lets you explore, know yourself and embrace nature. Traveling always inspires you and fills you with amazing experiences. Amidst todays hustled up the life, we all need to take that desired soulful escapade in the lap of nature, and trekking is the best way to do so. 

People from across the globe come to the Himalayas to satiate their wanderlust and, why not?  Trekking in Nepal and India are renowned, crediting to the magnificent Himalayas. 

Trekking is the walk to nature where you feel yourself like never before.  There is no reason for long time trekkers to actually list points to go on trekking. But the newbie or first-timers may require solid motivation to the step towards acquiring ultimate experience of life. 

Here are eight reasons that make you know why one should go for a trek once in life. 

1. Break towards Ecstasy 

When nothing is going right in life, pack your bags and head towards the mountains. Sounds exciting, right? Modern life is packed with stress and hassles. Give yourself a break and cut the monotony of regular life. Trekking helps you to explore the life and self to the fullest and takes you into a different zone altogether. Trekking is silent, slow where you can listen and get connected with the self. 

2. For the Ideal Me Time

Today’s hectic fast-paced schedule doesn’t let us take care of the ‘self’. Most of the time is spent on everyday tasks that hardly leave any time for self-indulgence. Trekking disconnects you from the world for self-introspection and allows you to spend quality time amidst the serene ambiance of the Himalayas. Studies have shown that spending time in nature increases awareness, attention, problem-solving skills, etc. 

3. Into the Wilderness

The Himalayas are both beautiful and full of adventure, crediting to its picturesque views and ancient raw trails that can make you fearless. When you climb a mountain, the moment throws a lot of challenges and obstacles that makes you overcome your own fear. Take a risk and conquer the biggest enemy, fear. First-time trekkers should avoid treks like Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base camp and instead opt for Langtang Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Mustang Trekking Tours, and more. 

4. Challenge your Mind and Body 

Trekking is another amazing way to challenge your fitness as it helps you to lose weight, balance the mind and breathe in fresh air. Trekking is no less than a perfect exercising regime. Fitness and health doesn’t mean you need to be slim or muscular; rather it is the combination of strength, stamina and endurance. 

5. Close to Mother Nature

Adventure activities are amazing, but nothing compares to trekking. It is slow and silent that gives you rush and at the same time relaxes the body. Trekking is a great way to see Mother Nature raw in an untarnished manner where you can witness breathtaking views, greenery, lush forests, gorgeous meadows and snow-clad mountains.

6. A Journey is better than a Destination

With trekking, you can taste the true and raw flavors of nature. Soak yourself in the soul-enriching ambiance of the Himalayas and adrift into the beauty. Trekking is not about reaching the destination, it is more of feeling good during the voyage. Enjoy the view, feel connected, listen to your heartbeats and feel the universal power all around. 

7. Broaden the Mind Space

Trekking and spending time in such a setting is challenging, but bestows a lot of life lessons and experiences that broaden your perspective on life and things around you. Trekking changes the mindset giving you new eyes to see the world making you grounded and humble. It is more like a meditation that lets you experience complete Zen digging some head space for more to come. Trekking gives a new meaning to life.

8. Learn to Live in the Present 

Immerse deeply into the moment becoming more conscious. When on a trek you don’t think of the past or worry about the future, all you know is the present. The constant pace of maintaining the grip on the trail makes you forget everything and you simply focus and live in the moment to reach the destination calmly. 

Nature’s hangover is unexplainable which you achieve through trekking. Fulfill it and have an ineffable experience of Trekking in Nepal to cherish for life. 

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