10 Best Trekking and Hiking Places in the World

Trekking is an amazing activity that is gradually gaining fandom for many reasons. Anyhow it had been way too long since the gaze of the entire world was fixed on all things profit, marketed, industrial, materialistic and man-made. It is now time for people to revert their gaze and re-connect with nature’ – god knows how long it has been since we last paid good attention to her. After all she is the ultimate power on the planet. 

Talking of trekking, one of the most famous destinations for trekking is the quaint country of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal truly offers many different landscapes, terrains and trails. Two of the most famous trails to trek in Nepal are the Langtang trekking tours and the Manaslu circuit trekking.

So for trekking buffs like you, here are the ten best places from all around the world that are an amazing option for trekking and trekkers. 

Here 10 Best Trekking Places in the World

Inca Trail, Peru

The royal Inca trail is an anthropologist, historian, architectural and a photographer’s paradise. The Incas’ are considered as some of the most knowledgeable species of humankind to have existed in their times. Some of the most wonderful scientific explorations were made by the Inca’s at a time when science was not a well known subject of study. The trail is a mere 33km trek towards the top of the hill where the citadel of Machu Pichu stands still strong and wondrous. One is sure to be awestruck on witnessing the wonderful landscapes of the sacred valley through which the Royal Inca Trail passes.

Pays Dogon, Mali

The Pays Dogon Trail is a significant trail for the Dogon people of Africa. They are especially known for the intricate artistry of their doors and masked stilt dancing. The trek takes you through towering cliffs in the Bandiagara escarpment along with internal and really old cliff dwellings that were long abandoned. The villages that come along the way look beautifully decorating the cliffs of this valley.

Everest base camp , Nepal

What can be a more dream come true moment than to be standing on the feet and being face to face with the tallest mountain in the world? The Everest base camp trek is a wonderful journey through the Himalayas (the largest mountain range in the world). On this trail, not only do you witness marvelous landscapes, sunsets and sunrises, the famous Namche Bazar, villages and Buddhist monasteries; you also get to witness the world’s most beautiful mountain called the Ama Dablam. 

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Overland Track, Australia

This interesting trek is a 6-7 day long trek and it makes it’s snaking ways trough rocky mountains, forests, moorlands, lakes etc. you also get to witness the cradle mountain along with lake St. lair. This is a pre-historic track and is fairly magical in its unfolding. The trail is located in Tasmania and there are many more paths and sidewalks that you can go through which passes waterfalls and even the Mount Ossa (Tasmania’s highest mountain).

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

This is the tallest mountain in all of Africa. But the best part about this trek is that this is the tallest mountain in the world that you can trek to without having to sophisticatedly climb, using mountaineering instruments and tools. The trek starts at midnight, so that you are just in time to witness the sunrise at dawn from the top of a mountain that you have just trekked to. The air is thin at the summit and a general lack of oxygen can be expected along with -20 to -25 degrees Celsius temperature.

Jungfrau trek, Switzerland

This trek there is a steady climb to Jungfrau. This climb offers amazing views of the surrounding glaciers. Here you can also visit the highest altitude train station in all of Europe which stands at a 3571 meters. The trek also takes you to an ice palace and many viewpoints and landscapes that are worth every step you take on this icy trek.

Fjords, Norway

It is a very popular trek that takes you to a truly awe-inspiring and wonderful view of the Norwegian Mountain ranges. The Fjord hosts a famous spot of a really famous cliff known as the Preikestolen cliff or the Trolltunga. This cliff stands so tall, that over a water body it looks absolutely breathtaking, and is perfect for taking innovative photos and pictures. 

Mount Hua, China

This is a favorite amongst the trekkers who travel to china. Mainly for the reason of the risky yet really thrilling climb one can take on the Mount Hua. One has to make their way on the 3 wooden plank path that is connected to the mountain at a scary height while being supported by a mere rope that is above you.

El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro, Spain

Similar to the trail of Mount Hua, China, the trail of El Caminito Del Rey is pinned on the steep cliffs of the El Chorro. One needs a lot of risk taking abilities and no fear from heights. This trek truly makes for a thrilling experience. 

The Himalayas, Nepal

The largest mountain ranges in the world are hosted by 3 countries, Nepal, India and Bhutan. But almost 70% of the entire Himalayan mountain range is hosted by the country of Nepal; which is why Nepal is growing as a trekker’s paradise.  There are numerous trails and terrain that one can choose from. 

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