Why You Should Visit Nepal This Valentine’s Day?

With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, Valentine’s Day is not far behind. If you are a couple who like to travel to celebrate, here is the best destination holiday you could have asked for. Nepal is a quaint Himalayan country nestled between India and China on either side. 

The largest mountain range in the world is hosted by Nepal. Almost 70% of the entire Himalayan mountain range is hosted by Nepal. The Himalayas have inspired and attracted all kinds of artists, musicians, film-makers, researchers, story tellers, adventure enthusiasts, yoga enthusiasts as well as trekking enthusiasts from all over the world. Each year 70000+ of these kinds of tourists visit Nepal. The huge influx of tourists is hosted by the responsible and safe care of 1800+ travel and tourism agencies. 

Trekking in Nepal is truly a wonderful place to be in and a thrilling activity to do. The vast Himalayan ranges act as a playground for the trekking enthusiasts with its wide range of trails, varied terrains and astounding mountain peaks. The flora and fauna of Nepal is unique in their own ways as well. There are many species of plants, insects, animals and trees that are specific to the Himalayas and are priceless to find.

For example there is a plant-insect hybrid that occurs in Nepal every 5 years. It is called the Yasergumba this species is a much priced possession because of its medicinal as well as aesthetic values. Apart from the Yasergumba, the Himalayan yeti is known to habit these mountains and peaks. 

Two of the most famous trekking packages here are the, Everest base camp trekking and the Annapurna base camp trekking. For shorter hikes one can choose the many trails for trekking in Kathmandu valley. I

If this is not enough reasons for you to visit Nepal this valentine’s day, here are some more:

A cultural harmony:

Nepal hosts around 700+ different cultural tribes. For an anthropologist, it is a haven for research and learning. These tribes have all different kinds of traditions, languages, dialects, foods and traditional wears. One can drench themselves in the friendly and welcoming hospitality of the Nepali people and their rich cultures. 

An architectural delight:

All around the Kathmandu valley as well as other parts of Nepal, there are ancient monuments and structures that have some really intricate and soothing architectural artistry. There is so much one can learn from the works of the artists of the Himalayas upon visiting these sites. 

Romantic nights:

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a bon fire, with a warm cup of coffee or tea blanketed with your loved one under the star lit night. This could possibly be one of the most peaceful and satisfying night you can spend with your loved one with a natural planetarium above your heads and knowing that you are a part of this beautiful set up. There are any short hikes that couple as a camping trip beneath the stars that is an ideal way to spend a night with your partner. 

Amalgamation of the old and the new:

There are many places in Nepal that have a historic holy temple or an architectural site along with a good bar or a local pub, both on the same street. And still the chaos is nowhere to be found. You can visit a beautiful temple in the day and then head to a good lounge and bar to unwind and relax with a few drinks, by the night. 

No holes burnt:

Last but not the least, why Nepal makes for the ideal holiday destination for couples is that, travelling in Nepal is actually a lot cheaper than you can imagine. The transport, foods, lodging, sightseeing and other activities will not cost you a lot of money and so there are no holes burnt in your pocket, in exchange for a romantic holiday of your dreams. 

There is absolutely no time for doubt and worry in Nepal, the country of the pristine Himalayan air. If you are planning on a holiday in Nepal this valentine’s day, it can most probably be the best Valentine’s Day you’d ever spent!

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