How To Travel The World At A Very Cheap Rate?

It is possible in today’s time. There are several opportunities to travel the world for cheap. With the use of specific ways, cheap travelling is possible. When you start looking, you will find many options in this space. It is possible through a number of ways that are listed below. 

Travel Tips:

Cheap accommodation:

You can find reasonable accommodation everywhere and anywhere in the world. The best example can be Airbnb. You can find the range of prices along with the facilities you want there. The places listed there cost way less than hotels. Through Airbnb, you can find the comfort of your home without breaking the bank. 

Campervan or RV

Another terrific option can be renting a campervan or RV for your travel. You can look for locations to park your van on the map, which are accessible in some places or cost a little. The campervan comes with its advantages. There will be no need of packing or unpacking every time you are staying somewhere. Stay calm about losing or forgetting your stuff during your stay. Every time you leave, you can lock it. The new vans have installed security systems; if you are riding an old one, you can install it yourself. 


Or make it even cheaper and use your SUVs as RVs, which can be quickly done by following a few simple Instructions.

  • Form a layout
  • Build a platform for bed
  • Get a 4-inch mattress
  • Get a custom tent.
  • Install a house battery.
  • Get small fridge
  • A ceiling fan.
  • And a solar shower

You can add or subtract things according to your preference.

In order to travel the world in your vehicle, the only thing you need to take care of. Is the travel restrictions if you have any further formalities for your vehicle? And you are good to go.


When you think of world travel, you mostly rely on local transport, which can quickly add up to the expense. And you have to get familiar with the local routes to get the right bus or train to your destination. And if you miss one by chance, then you got to wait for the next one until then. So it is costly; you must get passes and know your way. 

Rented cars:

This is also a viable option to utilise. Several companies are offering this service. From this, you can get your choice of vehicle on their terms. That is also a headache because you have to take off the car more than your life. Because you have to return it in the same condition you took it, if any slight damage occurs, you will have to pay for it and the rent. But if you can take care of all of that, then it’s a breeze. 

Travelling on your vehicle:

Travelling in your car will save you on hotel rent and transport fees. You just fulfil the requirements of travelling with your vehicle in the country, and you are good to go. You can visit the place you may have to pay extra for with your car. And stay there for however long you want to. However, you are bound to their time when you use public transport. And all the bags you must carry through each trip is another headache. Moreover, with your vehicle, you have to pay for fuel and maintenance.


The other most significant cost while you are travelling, is food. Yet, it is the one thing people like to spend the most on. Because most of the traveller’s main motive is to taste the local cuisine of the place they are going to. Which sometimes costs a lot more than you have expected. But when restaurants or hotels know that you are a travel blogger, vlogger, or someone influential, they tend to offer discounts and even free things. Just make things work in their favour and get good ratings. This is a perfect way to get discounted items if you are active on social media.

Eat on the streets:

Some places are known for their street food. They have so much variety on the road that you don’t have to visit expensive restaurants to get the local taste. It’s a pretty inexpensive way. To find the best street food, you can take help from google or ask the locals for the best place to eat. If you are planning to stay for long, then opt for an area with a kitchen so you can home cook to save some bucks.

Working while travelling:

You must keep getting work while you are travelling, or you will go broke in no time. And it’s essential also; otherwise, you might lose the sense of life. Several jobs allow you to work from anywhere in the world. Especially those primarily conducted digitally, such as content creation, digital marketing, wildlife photography, etc. Many do not even require an entire 8 hours shift and can be completed in just a few hours. Freelancers are not bound to a location, which allows them to be anywhere in the world and deliver their work. 

Sources through which you can travel for free:

Working aboard in Expat-Friendly Industries: 

There are several expat-friendly jobs, such as nurses, doctors, educators, engineers etc. For example, a teacher working in an American School in Abu Dhabi can get free round trips home with their partner. Free upscale housing with a gym, pool, jacuzzi and all-inclusive health insurance. With free round trips, you can make stops in other countries to spend a few days there. In addition, there are several internal schools in the world where English-speaking employees can work. If that interests you, you can reach out to international recruiting agencies. 

Find work exchanges:

Work exchanges mean you will be provided free housing for a period of long or short time stay in business for work you will perform for the employer. An excellent example of that is WWOOF, which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Farmers can be recruited there for seasonal work. There is no lack of food or housing there. However, you have to pay for the transportation cost to get there. The work hours are four to six hours each day. You can go WWOOFing with friends or family and enjoy your stay and explore the place in your free time. This service is available in many countries, which list can be found on the WWOOF website. Similar websites are HelpX, Workaway and helpStay that work on the same concept offering free stay in exchange for work. 

Work in the Adventure Industry:

On websites such as AdvetureWork there are jobs listed that let you go on adventures while working. For example, PGL looks for ski experts to appoint in their resorts in France, Italy, Austria and the US to go along with school groups. Where PGL gives you food, room, resort expense, board hire, lift passes and a stipend. 

Volunteer Long-Term with Peace Organisation:

Peace organisations work in places where volunteer workers are needed. This is an excellent opportunity to live there and serve the community. And explore the culture and space while at it. The giant Peace corporations do an excellent job of focusing on the grassroots level. The volunteers go to the farthest places on earth to live and work with the poor. These organisations require a 27-month commitment to provide three months of training and two years of fieldwork. So you may not find specific amenities such as phone service or AC during hot weather. However, they give a fair amount of wages that can cover living costs if they are not providing one: food and basic spending costs in the community. So those who love travel can live without these things and can apply to such corporations.

Affiliate Network:

When you start a travelling vlog, blog or Instagram page, get people to follow you for posting or writing about your amazing trips and travel experiences. Companies notice and allow you to collaborate with them, which sometimes means travelling for work. People who are already travelling have an advantage over this. Companies across the globe reach out to them to give them affiliate offers and free products. Just to get reach their audience. 

Maximise Credit card Rewards:

With the right card, you can earn free plane tickets. Many sound travel credit cards offer attractive benefits. For example, the Delta SkyMiles Platinum card provides yearly discounted or free partner vouchers. You can earn a free flight with your reward points earned on the card. You can earn more rewards on your card just by using it to purchase flight tickets. Few credit card partner airlines offer twice the times of tips for booking flights. 

Advantages of Loyalty Programs:

Rewards can come from several different sources, such as hotel chains, airlines, and business travellers, which offer loyalty points for persistent flyers. For example, if you fly with the same airline every time, you can pile up flyer miles. The same policy is applied to hotels. These Businesses offer good promotions and fantastic deals to get points swiftly and affordably. You can check out travel blogs for such options.

Leverage from overbooked flights:

You must have seen this happen before. Airline employees announce overbooked flights and offer free flight vouchers of $500 for passengers who will take their next flight. These offers start from $300 and then rise until someone takes it.


In this blog, several ways have been provided through which you can make your world trip cheaper than regular. With the use of these ways, you can save a significant amount of money.

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