Sandhan Valley Trek – Igatpuri

Walking along the treacherous 200-foot rock walls on either side of the path through the winding Sandhan Valley Trek is an experience you will remember. Spending the night by the reservoir’s edge under a starry sky after traveling the entire Sandhan valley is always a special experience. On the western side of the magnificent Bhandardara region, Sandhan Valley is situated close to Samrad village. The Sahyadri Mountains are home to the powerful forts Alang, Madan, and Kulang (commonly abbreviated as AMK), the 5400-foot-tall Ratangad, Kalsubai Peak, and Ajoba, and more. The close-by Ghatghar Dam is among Maharashtra’s best-kept camping-secret locations.

All about the Sandhan Valley Trek

Three overnights are spent on the Sandhan Valley Trek. Passengers are picked up at Kasara Railway Station in Panvel. Sandhan Valley Trek begins in Samrad Village. 4100 feet above sea level marks the highest point of the Sandhan Valley Trek. Moderate difficulty characterizes the Sandhan Valley Trek. Among the trek’s highlights are the views of Kalsubai Peak, Ajoba, Madanga, Kulang, Ratangad, and Alang.

The 200-foot-deep Sandhan Valley is exquisitely carved in the pristine Sahyadri ranges. Near the village of Samrad, in the picturesque Bhandardara region, is where you’ll find Sandhan. The Sandhan valley, also known as the “valley of shadows,” is a deep gorge with a rock floor surrounded by two extremely tall mountains.

Join this exhilarating weekend trek that departs from Kasara railway station every Saturday and lasts for two days and one night. It features rappelling and camping. You must show up at the Kasara Railway Station if you want to be picked up and taken to the base village (Samrad). Spend the evening setting up camp next to the lake in triple-occupancy tents. Talk with the other trekkers as you gather around a cozy fire.

Get up the next morning and begin your trek to Sandhan Valley. Play sports like rock climbing and rappelling. An experienced guide will accompany you and help you with the basics and safety precautions required, especially for rappelling.

About the Sandhan Valley Trek Difficulty

Treks are frequently extremely physically taxing. It is possible to walk on different surfaces for a significant amount of time each day—six hours or more. Prior trekking experience is strongly advised for all of these excursions. Please choose a strenuous trek, be in peak physical condition, bring all required equipment, and allow enough time for acclimatization. Even though much of the hiking in this area is downhill. There are huge boulders to scale. Using ropes and rock climbing raises the difficulty level a bit.

A rating of 3.7 out of 5 was given to Sandhan Valley Trek. Other than open-air tent camping, the valley has no other lodging options. You should bring various gear for the Sandhan Valley Trek, including tents, sleeping bags, toilet tents, mats, rope harnesses, basic food, utensils, and safety gear. This region has access to mobile communication networks; Reliance, Idea, and Airtel all have varying signal strength levels.

One example of a perfect campsite is simple camping amenities like three-person tents, mats, and tent lights. It is possible to set up camp both in Samrad village and after the descent of the Sandhan Valley trek is complete. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or awkward to satisfy the urge to use the restroom while camping. For a nature call in Sandhan Valley, you might be provided a dry pit tent, depending on your needs. Planning is necessary because this is only sometimes an option. The best time to organize a trip to Sandhan Valley Trek is from November to May.

About reaching the Samrad village.

  • By Train: The most efficient way to get to Sandhan Valley from Mumbai is to take a Central Railway train to Kasara. It takes the train about two hours and forty minutes to travel. It is a good idea to look up the Kasara train schedule in advance. Igatpuri is another destination that can be reached by train. Still, Kasara would be a better option because there are more local trains there than in Igatpuri, which only has outbound trains.
  • Jeep: Samrad village is 80 kilometers from Kasara and is more easily accessible by taking a jeep, which would take 2.5 to 3 hours to get there. A private vehicle should be reserved in advance to travel to Samrad village because the train arrives early in the morning. The ST bus is another option, but it is important to get to the village early in the morning to start the trek to Sandhan Valley, so one should be completely aware of the ST bus schedules. One can take an ST bus from Kasara or Igatpuri station.

About Sandhan Valley Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Start your adventure

Take the CST to Kasara train at the specified times.

Day 2: Arrive at the Starting Point (Kasara-Samrad Village)

Drive the Jeep toward the base village after meeting the team at Kasara Street. Reach the base village of Samrad Village and take a short break. Get ready and clean for the rappelling trek through the Sandhan Valley. The welcome speech briefly discusses the event’s rules and regulations. Start your day’s hike now. Arrive at the campsite. Take a break, relax, and enjoy the sunset. After dinner is finished, the campfire is lit. Talk about your experiences and stories in lively conversations at night. Then, take a break by relaxing while you watch the stars.

Day 3: Trek to Dehne

Get up, shower, and eat breakfast at the Sandhan Valley Trek campsite. Start your journey toward Dehne first thing in the morning while it’s still cool and pleasant. Arrive in Dehne, then rest. To get to Asangaon, take private or public transportation. Take the Mumbai local from Asangaon train station. When you get to Mumbai, confirm a brief meeting.

About the Things to Carry for the Sandhan Valley Trek

There are a few things you must bring to the Sandhan Valley Trek. A sleeping bag (necessary), a water bottle, a headlamp, a cap, walking boots, and insect and mosquito repellent are among them.

About the accommodations at Sandhan Valley Trek.

Samrad has no hotels because it is a small village. The neighborhood arranges homestays. The camping tents that trekkers and mountaineers bring with them can be used. It is advisable to bring snacks, water, and medications since Samrad has few stores and supplies. Clean drinking water is also available from a nearby well. Sometimes people have to make sanitary adjustments in the middle of the jungle because Samrad has so few restrooms. The best lodging option is to camp in a tent while staying stationary in the middle of nature. If you want a cozier, warmer lodging option, think about doing a homestay.

About the food at Sandhan Valley Trek.

Local Maharashtrian cuisine is available, such as bhakri, bhaji, dal, rice, tea, and pickle. Upma, Poha, and Maggi can all be made for breakfast in a clay oven, along with piping-hot tea. Samrad receives electricity from solar rural lighting. There are only a few small shops and one Chinese dhaba in Samrad. Trekkers are advised to make plans with the villagers before starting their trek. In addition to farming, the friendly, accommodating, and helpful locals arrange affordable meals and lodging for hikers and picnickers.

What You Should Know Before Taking the Sandhan Valley Trek

The trek through Sandhan Valley is physically demanding. It is possible to walk for a significant amount of time every day—10 hours or more—across various terrains. Previous trekking experience is highly recommended for all of these excursions. The Sandhan Valley trek via Samrad to Dehene is a Sahyadri trek rated as having a high degree of difficulty.

Even though the full descent of the Sandhan Valley is only 2.5 km long (up to the campsite), it typically takes 10 hours to complete. Here, the majority of the trekking is on downhill terrain. Travelers have to scale enormous boulders. When using ropes and rock climbing, the difficulty level goes up a notch.

Arriving early will allow you to get on the first Jeep leaving Kasara, so do so. Please be aware that if any of the group members decide to stop midway through the trek, the entire route will be changed. The tour operator might offer the best alternative in-flight. Please don’t smoke or consume alcohol while hiking in Sandhan Valley. Blankets are a requirement for travelers.

The trek leader’s decision is binding and final. The business reserves the right to modify, depart from, or revoke the plans with or without prior notice. To take part in the activity, a phone confirmation is necessary. It is not permitted to wear sleeveless clothing, short pants, hot pants, or figure-hugging tops and bottoms. Wear track pants and t-shirts to be as comfortable as possible. Avoid donning jeans. Please don’t bring handbags, jholas, or sling bags when you go on a trek.

Guides for this rappelling trek

The guides for this rappelling trek through the Sandhan Valley are local villagers, some of whom may have yet to receive formal education. It would be best if you had the proper footwear for trekking in the Sandhan Valley. The flat trail that leads to the valley’s entrance is where the Sandhan Valley trek with rappelling begins. Once you reach Sandhan Valley, you will spend the rest of the time retreating through the valley. Customers must be at least 15 years old to receive the package.

Pillows and mattresses are excluded from the package and won’t be provided. Individually purchased mineral or lime water is not part of the package. Anything extra ordered in terms of meals or soft drinks is not included in the package. The package does not include any personal expenses of any kind.

Anything not mentioned in the costs above that is already included is not included in the package. Additionally excluded are all expenses incurred due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather and traffic jams. The package does not include any necessary evacuations for medical or emergency reasons.


The Sandhan Valley Trek is a fantastic hiking and camping adventure. If you’re planning a trekking trip, you should include the Sandhan Valley Trek. The scenic trail and fun camping activities of Sandhan Valley Trek will make your trip special.

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