Things to Consider while Planning for Trekking

Summary: If you think trekking is easy, think again. The challenging treks, weather, the terrain will demand great strength and stamina. If you are planning for your first trek you may want to consider the following tips while planning for trekking.  

Planning for a trek? Great!!! A trekking experience must be thrilling as well as relaxing. It takes away the stress and stiffness of your disordered life. A trek prepares you for the uncertainty in it and also for life. Moreover, it makes you healthy, helps you build muscles, strength, and stamina of the body. You will only experience these when you go on a trekking tour. For best trekking experience, you may opt for trekking tours in Nepal, trekking tours in India, Germany, Finland, Italy, etc. 

few things that you must consider while planning for a trek

If this is your first trekking tour there are a few things that you must consider while planning for a trek. 

Start training for your trekking tour

It is important for you to know that trekking is not that easy as it sounds. It needs a lot of strength, energy, stamina etc. You need to have strong leg muscles in order to trek through varying terrains. To fulfil this requirement, you need to start training your body 2-3 months prior to your trekking trip so as to build up the stamina and strength.  

Avoid elevators; take stairs whenever possible

While you are training your body that doesn’t mean you take rest whenever possible. In fact, prepare your body for training and eventually, increase the difficulties in your training. Start doing small things such as taking stairs whenever possible, walk if you have to cover a short distance, indulge in other physical activities etc.

Keep changing your training terrain

Since you are not going for trekking same place every year, the terrain of each place may vary. Therefore while training, keep in mind that practicing on the same terrain will not be helpful. It is advisable to keep changing your terrain for training. Practicing on different terrains will prepare your body to walk on different treks such as on plateaus, plains, hills etc.

Train yourself with weights

When you will be on the trek you will be carrying a backpack for your basic necessities which will have a considerable weight. Hence, you can’t just train your body like an amateur. Train yourself with weights. Adding weights while you walking, running or exercising will eventually help you build muscles throughout the body especially in the shoulders, legs, thighs, forearms etc.

Incorporate pranayama in your training

Whether you are an amateur or a professional trekker, trekking in the Himalayan range is on everyone’s to-do list. If you are one of them too, you must start incorporating breathing exercises in your training schedule. Since majority of the treks take place on high on altitudes where the level of oxygen may decrease; your body must be ready to counter the same. This will also help you in catching up with professional trekkers.

A reliable pair of shoes

The best way to enjoy a good trek is to invest in a reliable pair of shoes. A reliable pair of shoes should have qualities like – light in weight, water resistant, comfortable, provides good ventilation and offers good support. When you buy a reliable pair of shoes, wear them everywhere; to your training, walks. Wearing them every day will help you recognize your reliable pair that you must wear for your treks. 

Stock up your backpack

Since you are going for a trekking tour it is important that you stock up your backpack with healthy snacks. Avoid food that is heavier, switching to healthy food while on the training will prepare you for the same. You may stock your backpack with dry fruits, protein or energy bars, nuts, muesli etc. These are a good source of energy and protein and will keep you full during the trek. Also, do not forget to add fluids in your body while on the trek.

Well, hurry up then and start preparing for an amazing trekking experience. If you wish to start first with the Himalayan range you may look for economical trekking tours in India and also, trekking tours in Nepal.

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