10 Tips To Make Your Trekking Memorable and tops to Be A Perfect Trekker

Summary: Trekking is an interesting and addictive activity. For making it memorable as well, you can follow these tips. Keep reading to find out.

Choosing activities like trekking and hiking gives you exposure to experience the world. Through trekking, you learn about different cultures, know more about local communities, and also stay fit while exploring fascinating places on earth. But, there are certain things which are necessary to follow to make the trip memorable and enjoyable. Keep reading to find out:

Get Some Training

If you’re planning a trekking holiday, consider your current fitness level – whether you are fit enough to undertake the trek. With perseverance and the right attitude, anyone can improve the fitness level, but first, you need to make an honest assessment of your abilities. If you are into physical activities then, it’s fine. Otherwise you need to start by taking little steps every day. You can start with some jogging and free hand exercises at first and gradually up the tempo. 


Start planning the trip by deciding how much time you want to spend away from home with nature. Perhaps you want to start with a trek of 1-2 days. If you’re active and physically fit, you may want to spend a week or two trekking in the challenging and remote locations such as Everest base camp trekking tours or Annapurna base camp trekking tours. The duration of the venture will decide how much and what equipment or gear you will need. 


Although all the trekking and hiking sites are beautiful yet some sites touch your heart especially, when you’re planning a trip with your partner or friends. Choosing the right location is a crucial step to make it memorable. Make sure you and your friends or partner must be together and agreeing to the plan. Choose a beautiful location and go for a few days to enjoy it thoroughly. 


You must take several things on the hike to make it comfortable. As you go along, you must have the essential gear to cope up. Invest wisely and go for durable gear so that you will enjoy a hike instead of crying over a torn backpack, shoes, or things like that. Research well so that you do not suffer in the wild because of missing gears. 

Prepare Well

To avoid the last-minute hassle, prepare a checklist for all the items, you want to take on the trip, and making a list is not enough, stick with it as well. You don’t want to travel with regret that you have forgotten something important at home. You will not be able to enjoy the trip completely with anxiety in mind. 

Record the Journey

The best way to relive the memories is to record them. It’s a good idea to record the journey and make it memorable. Photography gear may burden you with some extra gram, but it is worth it. You can take a single body camera to avoid the burden of a DSLR. Do not forget to take permission or check if photography is allowed there.

Explore the Surroundings

There is no point of trekking if you won’t explore the place and stick to books. As we know, it is dangerous to wander off, but the best things occur to those who explore. You must be cautious, bring a map/compass for guidance. Without exploring, you will not find out about the things you’ve missed. It is an opportunity to make the trip memorable by exploring a beautiful outdoor location. 

Go with an Adventurous Mindset

Go with an adventurous mindset, be ready to face the unexpected things along the way, and be prepared to face them. Be ready to do the unexpected and anticipate uncertainty. Always be open for possibilities and find the ways to make trekking trip memorable especially when are doing trekking tours in Nepal. Do not predict that everything is going to be right. Don’t start complaining if anything goes wrong because that’s the way life is. 

Keep Hydrated

Whether the climate is cold or hot, the fluid requirement remains the same while trekking. Loss of breath, sweating reduces blood volume, which results in an increased heart rate. By the time the body starts feeling thirsty, it is already dehydrated. You must drink small and frequents amount of water throughout the day. 

Pack Essentials

There is a list of some essentials you must pack for staying safe. Depending upon the remoteness and length of the trek, you can minimize or maximize each item. Ten essential items are:

  • Navigation (compass and map)
  • Sun protection (sunscreen and sunglass)
  • Insulation (extra clothing)
  • Illumination (flashlight/headlamp)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire (lighter/candle/ waterproof matches)
  • Repair tools and kit
  • Nutrition (extra food)
  • Hydration (extra water)
  • Emergency Shelter (garbage bag/ tent/ plastic tube tent)

Make your trip a memorable one by keeping these points in mind. Happy trekking!!!

7 Tips To Be A Perfect Trekker

Summary: You must plan out trek as its gives you exposure, enhances your confidence and even overall personality and if you wish to be a perfect trekker you must obey the following tips in the article. 

Whether you are trekking in India, trekking in Nepal or anywhere else in the world, trekking isn’t just about traveling alone or with friends or family. You may think you are a good trekker but that may not be certainly true. A real trek actually tests your mental as well as physical strength. 

If you aim to be a perfect trekker rather than just being an amateur obey the 7 tips below that will help you accomplish your goal.

  1. Equip your mind and body: As mentioned earlier, a good trek tests your mental and physical strength; therefore, one must equip the mind and body accordingly. You must start with the cardio exercises at least a month prior to the trek. If you can’t join the gym, start jogging followed by extensive running. Adding breathing exercises and meditation will also help your mind and body to be in alignment. It will boost the strength and stamina of the body and train your mind to coordinate with the body.
  2. Dependable footgear: A dependable footgear is as important as any other requirement of a trek. A dependable footgear fits you perfectly, is lightweight, water resistant. Rest qualities of best footgear depend on the type of terrain you are planning to trek. You may also choose something that goes with almost every type of trek.
  3. Stuff your backpack with the right things: Since you will have to carry your backpack through the entire trek, make sure you have stuffed in the necessary things. The basic things may include medication, sufficient clothing, torch, rainwear, sleep mattress, mosquito repellent etc. Though some crucial things may depend on the place you are going for trekking.
  4. Choose an easy trek first: You may be a pro at trekking but when trekking at a new destination always choose an easy trek first. This will help you prepare your body for the following trek in that particular destination. Besides, choosing a challenging trek, in the beginning, may overextend your body or may give you an injury and spoil the rest of the trek.
  5. Gather info about the place: Whatever place you have chosen for your trek, make sure you gather info about it. For instance, trekking in India and trekking in Nepal may vary as per the terrain or climate etc. or may need some special permit to enter a particular place. You may need to go through what to do and what not to on that trek through the content available on the internet. Most importantly, do not forget to check the best month for trekking.
  6. Hydrate yourself and eat healthily: While trekking, it is important that you hydrate yourself and eat properly. Hydrating yourself will keep the blood flow constant and may help in avoiding muscle injury or cramps during the trek. Also, you must eat healthy like energy bars, dry fruits, muesli bars or even chocolates to keep the energy high which is one of the foremost things; especially for long treks.
  7. Be pledged: As trekking is common these days; a few critical things that a perfect trekker must abide by his/her responsibilities as a trekker. You may choose any place trekking but you must not forget that you are going into the lap of nature. This is the most critical thing to be kept in mind i.e. respect nature and the place. Do not litter around, instead carry your litter along with you.

Following these seven tips will certainly make you a perfect trekker. Moreover, these tips can be followed anywhere whether you are trekking in Ladakh, trekking in Nepal or may be Italy, Germany etc.

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