6 Must-Try Adventure Activities In Bangalore

Bangalore is a unique IT capital of India where it has many captures and industries to culminate, immerse and even work with. This capital is called the Silicon Valley of India on most occasions too. Its expertise and grasp over the IT industry haven’t gone all too bad at once and are ever-expanding. There is also a saying that doesn’t discuss your startup ideas with everyone as one day it might come to a halt even as they will steal it (ha!).  

All of it is because of the fantastic Indian IT specialists moving into this capital and working together to form various paths to further advancement of this technological field or even open startups all the time.  But that’s just for more people coming to the city to experience something more significant or even build a startup. There’s then this booming entertainment business in the field too! All to cater to the individuals moving to and growing the population in Bangalore. It is to help them with their pastime and cultivate more fun and adventurous ways to relax in the meantime too.  

Therefore, so many activities have been designed just for people to enjoy the world of Bangalore. Some of them are fascinating new advancements in technology that you will love! They’re relaxing and fun activities and then some adventurous activities too. Adventurous activities help to break through the relaxing and calming or sometimes seemingly monotone way of life in Bangalore, as people are too calm and friendly there. That’s why we’ve come up with some tremendous adventurous activities for you guys to try out in Bangalore!  

Here are the 6 Must-Try Adventurous Activities in Bangalore:  

1. Breakout Escape Room

You don’t think of escape rooms as an adventurous activity in today’s times, but we’re here to change your mind! In today’s advancing times, we have to consider that most adventure activities are designed artificially and are made to happen in a controlled environment. That’s why we brought you the best mystery room Bangalore because it’s very efficient to have an adventure in a controlled space too! The breakout escape room is the ultimate stop for the best escape room experience and a thrilling time. You can visit the room with your friends and family and enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  

Discovering escape rooms in a mystery house/mansion or even explicitly designed individual rooms is another level of adventure. You get to play so many themed escape rooms at Breakout escape rooms. They have two premium escape rooms to thrill and haunt you, and there are five standard escape room adventures! You can always go for it on any weekend or to celebrate any event or a birthday at the right time! They’re the best at what they do, to be honest. Check them out; I’m sure you’ll have a great time!   

2. Quad- Biking/Atv Bike Riding: 

ATV (all-terrain motorcycle) bike riding, also called Quad biking, is a unique and thrilling sports adventure game! Here, you get to bike around rough terrains with a fantastic partner, or you could do it with enough training! It’s so much going around those rough terrains and having a ride where you constantly jump back and forth and up and down. It’s enthralling and exciting, precisely like taking a rollercoaster ride! 

Quad Biking is done mainly in mountainous regions or around the hills or forest regions because they naturally have uneven slopes and terrains that average cars and vehicles cannot handle. Thus, riding on those forbidden lands in a car made especially for them is quite a fantastic feeling! You can check out Quad biking around Bangalore through various companies! One such we recommend is Dirt Mania! They help you go on ATV rides near Kanakpura Road or Nandi Hills at quite reasonable prices! So go and check them out, though!   

3. Parasailing: 

Parasailing is another such thrilling, adventurous, and adrenaline-boosting fun activity to go on to have, experience, and enjoy the most! It is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that looks like a parachute, a parasail wing. The manned kite’s moving anchor may be anything like a car, truck, or boat, as it can be done on either land or above the ocean surface.  

This activity is fun and quite adventurous as you get the thrill of going against the winds and flying in the sky above the land with a breeze flowing through your face! We recommend Bangalore Mountaineering Club for the same. So go and check them out for paragliding and parasailing!  

4. Skandgiri Trekking: 

Trekking is a great, fun, and adventurous activity to have and enjoy for some fun! It’s a long trip that sometimes includes even days on end! So, you better pack up some good supplies there and an excellent camp to help you go on and about your journey, as we recommend you go on one trekking trip in Bangalore!  

Skandgiri hills are high up and away from civilization. Based in Chikballapur, it is located overlooking Nandi hills! Blessed with a fantastic view of the clouds and the sky above, everyone might want to go, right? That’s right! We recommend going to Skand Giri for some trekking experience as it’s enjoyable to do with your friends or even alone! 

The Skandgiri Hills Trek is only permitted with the permission of the Forest Department of Karnataka. You must pre-book your trek dates through their official website. Only 150 passes are allowed per day, and the Skandgiri entry fee is Rs. 250 per head. With gorgeous sunrises and sunsets- beautiful scenery, light breeze, and even a fantastic nature nest, this place is bound to make you happy and even surprise you!  

5. River Rafting: 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/02HBQ2w_yak

Another one of the sports activities that nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will love! It’s a sport where rafters use inflatable rafts with their teams to compete and win against other teams in a race or even enjoy some time rafting on rough waters or white waters. You can want the most! We recommend places like Bheemeshwari, Dandeli, Coorg, and Kabini for you to try out for rafting in Bangalore, as we are sure that you are going to love it for sure!  

6. Camping: 

Last but not least! Camping is an adventurous sport because it requires you to go out of your comfort zone and place your surroundings in a rough and wild natural environment, which can be a threat sometimes but even exciting to survive! Especially in forests, people love living in the wild with animals as by camping! We recommend camping in the wilderness, on the hills, around the lakes, or even in the mountains! Some places that you should check for in Bangalore are Bananthimari Betta, Anthargange, Bheemeshwari, and Devarayandurga hills! 


Lastly, we also recommend combining trekking with camping as it will be amazing to do so and will be the ultimate adventurous experience to have! There are so many adventures to choose from, so get ready to have some fun! And do let us know your experience, recommendations, and thoughts below! 

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