Visiting Ibiza: Our Travel Guide

When writing this article, Ibiza and the rest of Spain and the Balearic Islands are on England’s amber list of countries and territories. During these unusual times, when traveling please keep up to date with the current travel guidance of your residing country before making your journey.

Ibiza Travel Guide

Ibiza travel guide, including the best clubs, hotels, bars, and beaches to visit on your next trip to the island.

Ibiza is a country that has been blessed with numerous stunning, white sand beaches and dense pine forests. Whilst, the island may be notorious for its party scene and the growing number of clubs, it actually has a history much deeper than you may think! Long has Ibiza attracted hedonistic characters and wealthy bohemians, thanks to its natural beauty, superb climate, and range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So, whether you’re looking to dance all night or enjoy the clear sea, warm sun, and gorgeous beaches, you’ve certainly chosen the right place with Ibiza. Make sure to read on below for our Ibiza Travel Guide, written with the help of travel experts Travelbillity, who offer Taxi Bridgwater to Bristol airport and beyond, to help start your holidays off right.

So, Why Ibiza?

As we mentioned above, Ibiza is an island long renowned as the clubbing capital of the world. However, these after-dark adventures are just a small part of Ibiza’s charm.

Certain UV-lit corners of the island are completely devoted to nightlife, yet the vast majority of the island is much more low-key than you’d initially think. An antidote to the excesses of the strip, almost. 

Wander beyond the tourist-focused areas and you will discover quiet coves and pine-covered hills which pretty much explain its hippy-era allure, whilst its medieval fortification and rural towns will all recall its plentiful Mediterranean history.

What Should You Expect?

There are five incredibly popular sights in Ibiza that you must see; however, get in early, you’ll want to avoid the crowds!

Dalt Vila

The oldest part of Ibiza Town. This place is full of outstanding architecture and captivating history.

Es Vedra

A rocky outcrop off the island’s south-eastern coast, Es Vedra is a mystical place. In fact, it’s a common tale that UFOs frequent this part of Ibiza!

San Antonio

San Antonio is the famous clubbing capital of the world, the universe in fact! It’s a bustling hotspot of dancing and DJs. However, keep in mind that it may not be to everyone’s taste!


Formentera is Ibiza’s tiny sister island and it makes for an excellent day trip.

The Hippy Market

This market is an excellent way to pick up a bargain, whether that’s hand-made gifts, clothing or other curios.

When Should You Visit Ibiza?

In Ibiza, you’ll be greeted with constant sunshine and over 300 days of clear skies. Their toasty summers last from May right through to early October, with the weather peaking in July and August. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that summer is the prime tourist period on the island. Yet, you will find pockets of seclusion if you look hard enough. 

As the famous clubs close and sun-seekers leave the island, the island becomes a lot more mellow. From November to April, the weather will cool and the winter sunshine will give you your much-needed dose of Vitamin D. In fact, on good days the temperatures can reach 20 degrees celsius, whilst during the colder days, the weather will be more fitting to strolls on the beach as opposed to hours on end sunbathing.

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How Can You Get Around the Island?

Public Transport

Ibiza does actually have a full bus service, however, it will run between the major resorts, so you’ll find that taxis, bikes or even a hire car is essential if you want to find those remote coves and rural towns.


Ibiza is an incredibly small island, in fact, it is only around 40 kilometers from top to bottom. This makes the island ideal for navigating by bike. You’ll be able to reach all the beaches, coves, and villages, however, be warned there are a lot of twisty, sloping roads making it an arduous journey!


Taxis are also a great way to get about, and they are a common sight in the bigger towns and resorts.

Hiring a Car

If you’re looking for a step more freedom, you’ll need to rent a car. However, make sure to choose a sturdy model if you want to drive up those hairpin roads.

Don’t Miss!

If you’re into hiking, make sure to trek south along the coastal paths from Las Salinas salt flats to Cap Des Falco. However, don’t forget to ditch your flip-flops in favor of some sturdy trainers! If you’re looking for some photogenic views, save this walk for sunset when the temperatures will have dropped slightly.

You’ll also find the Island of Espalmador only a breezy ferry ride away from Ibiza. With heaps of beaches fringing the edge of the island and mud baths all over the center, Espalmador is a must-visit.

The village of Sant Agusti des Vedra will also win you over with its stone buildings and simplicity of life. In fact, the place looks as though it’s straight out of a storybook. 

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