20 Places to Visit in Lonavala

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra, Lonavala has many places to Visit. Lonavala is a beautiful retreat away from the city’s chaos. It has a spectacular setting with lush, lush green valleys, amazing waterfalls, quiet lakes, and remarkable caves, often referred to as the ‘jewel of Sahyadri’ and the ‘town of Caves.’ In Lonavala, you will never fail to be impressed by the myriad places to visit that include historical sites and natural wondrous attractions. Take a look at some of Lonavala’s must-visit tourist attractions on your itinerary to make the most of your holidays here.

1. Tiger’s Leap

The best places to Visit in Lonavala, Tiger’s Leap is a prime tourist attraction located at 650 meters above sea level in the nature lap. It is interesting that this point is so named for its shape, which looks like a tiger leaping into the valley. Adventure searchers frequent it here, who enjoy hiking and trekking. This magnificent site with its echo and a stream that flows nearby provides a magnificent view over the valley underneath which attracts many vacationers. You can always pick up a picnic and spend some time with your loved ones in this place.

2. Bhaja Caves

The caves of Bhaja are a group of spectacular rocky caves, classified as a national monument. It is believed to be a second to first century B.C. cave in India and the fine Buddhist excavations in these caves date back to the Hinayana phase of Buddhism. Alternatively, you can also take a refreshing dip in the waterfall and explore those caves, including mainly Chaityas and Viharas. To reach the cellars from the base of Bhaja Village, take a zigzag path. Among the good places to visit in Lonavala.

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3. Karla Caves

Another popular tourist destination is not too far away from Bhaja Caves – Karla Caves which houses Hinayana Buddhist Chaitya, the largest and best-preserved in the country. These are some of the oldest caves of the rock-cut in India with the oldest dating back to the 1st century BC and are associated with the Mahasamghika sect of Buddhism. A good option among places to Visit in Lonavala At Karla Caves with over 2000-year-old beams, some are still living, you will be amazed to see fine motifs, sculptures, inscriptions, stupas, stupas, pillars, and a 37-pillar aisle. At the entrance, you will also find a temple that has been recently built with Buddhist columns.

4. Bhushi Dam

Street View & 360° Image

If you want to picnic in Bhushi Dam, which forms Bhushi Lake. You want to spend quality time with your friends and family. This masonry dam on the Indrayani river has accessible steps, where you can sit and take in the warm sunshine and enjoy amazing views of the area. In the past weekends, especially in monsoon, this popular tourist attraction is often overpowered when you can find it difficult to find an appropriate spot on the steps. An adventurous option among places to visit in Lonavala. You should notice here that the incoherent water flow prohibits swimming.

5. Duke’s Nose

Lonavala is a hill station with many points of view and Duke’s Nose is a stunning sight named after the Duke of Wellington because of its similarity of form. This place is also referred to as Nagphani because its shape looks like the hood of a snake and, above, is the temple of Mahadev devoted to Lord Shiva. This place with long roads and rocky outcrops also attracts adventure-seekers for trekking, climbing, rappelling, hiking, etc., along with impressing nature lovers with its picturesque location making it a good  place to visit in Lonavala. In addition, it’s a famous picnic spot where you can enjoy your holidays with friends and family.

6. Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort, a popular historic site of the Maratha Empire, is named for its triangular form and is located 1066 m high above sea level. It is also called Tikona Fort. After the Mughals were captured, Shivaji Maharaj recovered control in the 1670s and remained the main fort of the Marathas until the reign of Sambhaji (that called it Vitandgad). The entrance to the fort is through a little cellar that leads through a guard tower and five cave clusters. Inside the fort, you can see the broken temple and a large stone wheel, and a few water tanks and a Buddhist grotto come across at the top of the fort. A great option among places to visit in Lonavala.

7. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is popular among places to visit in Lonavala for picnic and camping sites, with a spectacular landscape. The lake consists of Pawna Dam’s impounded water, which provides a perfect escape into the arms of nature. This place, along with its natural beauty, the remote view of Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, and the Tunga Fort, offers an unforgettable backdrop. You can use the motor and ride boating to enhance their overall pleasure while picnicking here. While the mezzanine is the best time to visit this place full of incredible sights, you also visit this lake during the winter.

8. Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad Fort (Iron Fort) which visits you while in Lonavala is also an architectural marvel of the Marathas. The hillfort was given its name by its strategic location at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level, which was considered an unstoppable building. The rise and fall of many dynasties, including Nizams, Marathas, and Mughal, has been observed in this historical area for centuries. Making it a good historical option among places to visit in Lonavala Not just for history buffs and enthusiasts of nature, but a walk to the fort where you can spot Vinchu Kata – a set of hills that resemble Capricorn – also popular with the adventurers for trekking.

9. Ryewood Park

Lonavala’s vast Ryewood Park is the best place for a picnic when it comes to places to visit in Lonavala with landscaped lawns, lush gardens, and a children’s park. Located near the Market of Lonavala, this place was originally designed to be used as a botanical garden. Rich in flora with many ancient tree species, ornamental plants, beds of flowers, etc, it is spread over 25 acres. In the building is also a Shiva Temple perfect for meditation. Furthermore, young people are entertained for hours by the children’s park with swings. Pack your picnic basket and head to this park for a great time with friends.

10. Valvan Dam

Valvan Dam is a favorite choice of tourists who want to free themselves from the hectic urban life. At an elevation of approximately 26.4 m, this gravity dam is the source of Tata Power’s Chopoli power station at the foot of the Sahyadri mountains and covers 1356 m. Set across the Kundali and its overgrown water forms the artificial Valvan Lake, with a beautiful garden in its vicinity, it is a good option among places to visit in Lonavala. This scenic place has exuberant green and calm surroundings. This perfect blend between dam, lake, and lake garden makes Lonavala an ideal place to enjoy a family break.

11. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is without a doubt the best-known place to visit in Lonavala, also known as the “Moranjan Balekilla.” The historical site was built by popular Maratha governor Chhatrapati Shivaji and consists of two castles, Shrivardhan und Manaranjan, built on a rough hill in the Sahyadri range at a height of around 3,000 feet to keep an eye on its surroundings. The fort consists of many old caves and temples, including Kal Bhairava Mandir, few of which were built even before the fort had been built. It is good among places to visit in Lonavala. This place offers amazing views of the green area and is extremely popular with holidaymakers, especially nature lovers and walkers.

12. Canyon Valley

Dissolve in the coolness of the Lonavala Canyon Valley, green and vast wildlife zone. Also renowned for hiking, the place is an excellent place to go to Lonavala one day because one goes up and down so that you know that the other trekking courses are very different. What else? What else? You can go down in the raging cascades and walk again. You can get back up again. This is one of the biggest reasons why Mumbai and Pune frequently visit the place. There is something else cooked in ancient ways with wood somewhere in between! You must add this to places to visit in Lonavala.

13. Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort is one of the larger twin fortresses of Lohgad which was built by the first Peshwa King in the powerful Maratha Empire as historically significant remains. It is certainly among the best places to spend a day in Lonavala, as it houses a trekking route that is dynamic during monsoons just like the other places in Lonavala. It is located at the top of a green plateau and attracts all manner of people, history enthusiasts, amateur adventurers, and nature enthusiasts. When you get to the top, it may seem like you have done your hardest to return to the ground below! It is a must among places to visit in Lonavala.

14. Imagica Adlabs

With his entertaining rides and water park, Adlabs IMAGICA has managed to tour people from around the country as distinctive and top class. The hot-wheelers are both attractive and frightening in this fun park with their 360-degree swings. They have all accommodations, shops, and restaurants! Their added snow world is now listed on a trip to Lonavala for one day. One or all of their park-theme parks, water parks, and snow world can conveniently spend a whole stimulating day. It is no mistake to boast that this is the largest snow park close to Mumbai in which you can do everything in real snow that you imagine. Best option in places to visit in Lonavala with kids

15. Aamby Valley

Most people frequent the township of Aamby Valley for being a one-stop-shop for a full day of fun. Although set in the wilderness, this site has been transformed into an environmentally friendly city into a unique and exotic urban luxury. The area is surrounded by three artificial lakes where you can sit down and relax, walk through the lush wild forests or walk past the panoramic greenery. The trove is a favorite of every traveler for land and water activities. The atmosphere is calm, and it is definitely the place to unplug and detox the world. When you leave, you can leave your heart behind. An ecological option among places to visit in Lonavala.

16. Kune Waterfall

Having a day trip to Lonavala ends here with your woe because Kune Falls is a hands-down winner! This wonderful attraction in Maharashtra is, besides being the 14th biggest waterfall in India, one of the buckets many think of as a three-tier waterfall! You can picnic with friends or family here and enjoy an adventurous experience, like rappelling and zip lining, which gives you a delightful view of the two hundred meter waterfall, which blows 100 meters in the Lonavala Khandala valley. It is a big bowl of happiness that turns every traveler’s bliss into a bath! A good option among places to visit in Lonavala for adventure.

17. Valvan Dam

Built at the foot of the Sahyadri mountains across the Kundali river, Valvan Dam is the prime source of water for the region’s energy supply. The lake Valvan Lake also has a good garden area to spend your time in, which is a lovely place to hang out. Lake Valvan Lake. Most photographers who want to do away with the tourist crowd and find enough space to capture this exquisite sight in Lonavala enjoy this place of sightseeing in Maharashtra. Valvan Dam is for people who only want to relax and enjoy its beauty in total serenity. A great option among places to visit in Lonavala.

18. Reversing Station

The Lonavala Reverse Station offers a view of the city and the surrounding landscape. These railway routes were once used by the town’s people, but the beauty of this place is now a sightly sight to see. After sunset, you can also see the city lights shining up Khopoli and the dark mountain camouflages. The amazing views make it a favorite among travelers who want some peace of mind.

19. Bhairavnath Temple

The Bhairavnath Temple is the perfect place to visit the religious for one day in Lonavala since the number of pujas and offerings made throughout the day can be kept in contact with you. The principal sanctuary of the Temple is Lord Shiva, housed in an architectural masterpiece in Rajmachi. The temple also comprises the images of other Hindu gods and goddesses that add to this place’s sanctity. The way up the temple is supported by thick forests which respire you with fresh air. Many people who live near this temple, particularly in the Mahashivratri, celebrate with extreme splendor.

20. Celebrity Wax Museum

Celebrity Wax Museum is a place for your paparazzi where you can easily access the city’s celebrities, or say their looking wax statues? You can click or click any of these wax statues to fill your web pages with lots of photos of sportspeople, TV stars, and film actors! The idea was born of a wax artist from Kerala who founded a place where many people enjoy themselves. Statues such as Rajiv Gandhi, AR Rahman, Adolf Hitler, and others can be found. It is a convenient location of access because it is located in the center of the city in all the trouble of the market.

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