The Best African Countries To Go On Safari

A safari under the endless skies of Africa is one of the ultimate ways to relieve stress. The beauty of the diverse landscapes and the wealth of wildlife you’ll experience will rejuvenate body and soul.

But Africa is a huge continent! It has hundreds of game reserves and thousands of lodges and resorts to choose from, so which should you pick? Here’s a list to make your choice easier.  

Botswana – A Romantic Safari  

Though Botswana is largely a desert country, it contains one of the world’s most precious wildlife jewels – the extraordinary Okavango Delta. As the world’s biggest non-coastal wetland, it has a staggering diversity of flora and fauna. 

The Delta contains more than 160 species of mammals, 155 species of reptiles, 35 species of amphibian, 1500 species of plants, 530 species of birds and 85 species of fish, including the legendary tigerfish. 

Botswana offers you so much! Unparalleled wildlife sightings, luxurious accommodation, delicious candlelit dinners under the stars, and intimate boating trips as your mokoro noses gently through the water lilies. Many packages include the dramatic Victoria Falls to round off that ultimate romantic getaway.   

Tanzania – Safari, Beaches, & Tropical Islands

Along with Kenya, Tanzania offers the safari destination to see the great wildebeest migration, with Serengeti National Park being one of the prime locations. Many lodges are positioned near river crossing sites so enthusiasts can watch the dramatic events unfold on their doorstep.

But Tanzania offers so much more. The World Heritage site of the Ngorongoro crater will allow you to see the Big Five. Fabulous beaches along its eastern coastline are lapped by the warm Indian Ocean, and the immaculate islands of Zanzibar, Mnemba, Mafia and Pemba are just a short boat trip away.   

Kenya – The Definitive Safari  

Kenya, in East Africa, probably offers the classic African safari. Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara National Park also offers one of the best places to experience the huge annual wildebeest migration from July – October. 

During this extraordinary migration event, more than one-and-a-half million wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra and gazelle make a year-long odyssey from Tanzania to the Maasai Mara for better grazing.  

Kenya has temperate weather all year round as it’s located on the equator. Your safari can therefore be planned to take advantage of great deals on flights in non-peak holiday periods. 

Namibia – Your Desert Adventure Safari  

Namibia is bigger than France, yet it has one of the lowest population densities on earth. The name is of Nama origin and it means ‘vast place’. Most of the country is part of the huge 31,250 square mile Namib desert. Its semi-arid regions house the larger national parks, like Etosha, which teems with classic safari wildlife. 

The Skeleton Coast, where the only moisture comes from sea mists rolling in, plants and animals have made amazing adaptations to desert conditions. These include desert elephants, giraffe, gemsbok, springbok, springhares, steenbok, and meerkats.  Predators like lion, cheetah, black-backed jackal, and brown hyena also thrive here, as do Cape fur seals in their thousands.

You can undertake a guided walking safari, do sandboarding and quad biking in the dunes, or go kiteboarding or windsurfing along the coast. Pay a visit to the haunting half-buried ghost town of Kolmanskop, see the more than 2000 Twyfelfontein rock engravings, or explore the German colonial architecture of Swakopmund.      

South Africa – For That Jam-Packed Safari 

South Africa is a great choice if you like a safari brimful of cultural, culinary, and wildlife experiences. There are unlimited opportunities for entertainment and adventure from Johannesburg to the fairest Cape, and everywhere in between!  

Remember that the famous Kruger National Park is accessible from virtually anywhere in South Africa, so you can make sure your safari ticks all your bucket list boxes! The Luxury Kruger National Park safari for Americans is simply a dare-not-miss! The favorable Rand/Dollar exchange rate will ensure you get amazing value for your money.  

Rwanda – A Unique Gorilla-Trek Safari 

Large areas of Rwanda are still covered in tropical rainforest, which is the habitat of the critically endangered mountain gorilla. You will need a permit to undertake a gorilla trek (normally lasting one to three days) which your tour provider will organize for you.

Located in the Great Rift Valley, Rwanda offers the traveler rich biodiversity. This includes the black-and-white Old Word colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, and the rare African golden cat, the only forest-dependent cat in Africa. 

In conclusion

So, as you can see, Africa is truly your oyster! Tropical beaches, lush rainforests, African bushveld, bustling cities, grassy savannahs, vast deserts – Africa has it all.  

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