List of 10 Countries in Europe Offering the Best Tourist Experience

Europe is renowned for its nations and countries with spectacular mountain ranges, verdant farmland, deep valleys and some grandeur historic buildings. This is where journeys are transformed into holidays that you’ll long to remember. Europe also offers some amazing food. Europe’s diverse cuisines are a joy for your taste buds. Take the mouthwatering delicacies of Italian cuisine, the creamiest bakery items of France and the joy of some of the hearty meals of England. When there are limitless options, it can be challenging to choose which nation to visit initially. We have tried our utmost to provide you with a list of European countries worth visiting.

List of European Countries Worth Visiting

1: Italy:

Italy is undoubtedly a paradise for foodies. The exquisite architecture and artistic treasures found in the historic structures and museums dotted across Italy’s vibrant cities and small, attractive towns are even more magnificent than its cuisine. The most genuine Italian experience may be had in the countryside. The country’s splendour envelops guests, making it difficult for them to leave. Visitors can profusely enjoy activities like skiing, hiking and swimming.

2: Spain:

Spain is one of Europe’s best nations for tourists. You can explore this wonderful place with its architectural marvels, huge mountain ranges, seashore cliffs, and hilltop settlements. The top cities in the nation provide a wide variety of things to do. The magnificently large gardens and elegant plazas may all be found in Madrid.

3: France:

 A place like France is not just about the Eiffel Tower and museums, despite being the most visited country in the world. There is quite a relevant reason for this country is a source of tourist attraction. The place offers a variety of tourist attractions, including various magnificent cathedrals, colossal palaces and castles that can be seen all around France are widely known.

4: Greece:

Greece is among the most stunning nations in Europe and has one of the best climates for soaking up the sun all year. Greece has a wide variety of richness and natural beauty, providing activities for everyone. Choose from the top things to do in Greece, such as the traditional yet essential Acropolis tour, romantic sailing excursions along the coast of Santorini, or an afternoon of scuba diving in Mykonos.

5: Croatia:

The prosperous nation of Croatia assures a memorable vacation. You’ll likely find the most varied European scenery: rare-looking mountains, beaches, islands, woods, and rural areas with hills and valleys. This nation, history, allure, and beauty will win you over. You can travel into the hinterland to find magnificent hills, mountains, and woods. The country of Croatia is stunning. Visit Zagreb’s cityscape, unwind, or engage in sports on its islands and coastlines. You can take strolls across its lovely parks to rejoice in nature’s divine beauty. To enjoy your tourist destination at an affordable rate and price, you can use Mercury Holidays voucher codes. The travelling service offers escorted tours to places like Croatia at a discounted price to make your tour highly cost-effective.

6: Netherlands:

The Netherlands, known more casually as Holland, offers tourists a laid-back vacation full of beauty, art, and cycling. Located in the northwest of Europe, the region is flat and dotted with recognisable windmills and tulip fields in the spring. Amsterdam is considered one of the most heavenly places on earth. A place like the Netherlands is famous for having many outstanding museums. The city’s prominent attractions are the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Ann Frank house.

7: Sweden:

Sweden is situated between Norway and Finland in northern Europe and is an ideal place to visit tourists. Those who appreciate avant-garde architecture will find some of the fascinating creations in Sweden. You can go hiking through thick forests and boating along clear streams. Stockholm is known for places like Vasa Museum and chic boutiques and restaurants.

8: Portugal:

Portugal offers a variety of activities, such as surfing at the beach and touring historic castles and palaces. The Castle of the Moors, the town of Cascais and the waterfalls are some of the worth visiting attractions in  Portugal. A place like Portugal has beautiful beaches that are both undiscovered and crowded.

9: Switzerland:

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to travel to, but it is well worth the steep costs. Mountains with snow-capped peaks emerge from lush, verdant fields with sheep scattered throughout them. Large lakes, like Lake Geneva, crisscross the countryside and welcome fans of white water rafting, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking with open arms. Gimmelwald is one of many tiny villages with a fairytale beauty that enchants the tourists with its adorable stores and melt-in-your-mouth chocolates.

10: Norway:

Norway certainly has a knack for captivating tourists. Choosing where to begin can be difficult with so many outstanding attractions. Explore the northern lights or enjoy the activities that include hiking, skiing, or white-water rafting through the countryside; Ålesund is another magnificent attraction renowned for its picturesque view. You can explore various activities in Ålesund, like exploring the city’s remarkable Art Nouveau architecture and going to the Town Park.

Final words:

Europe is rich in culture and beauty and one of the most visited continents by tourists. However, it is sometimes hard to go for the specification in the list of visiting countries that are beautiful. For your convenience, we have provided you with the list to ease your task and provide you with some of the names of the places that render with best tourist experience.

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