The 10 Safest Safaris in Africa

No matter where you go on the planet, all travel comes with its own risks, but most of these can be avoided with the right guidance. Plan wisely with our complete guide to the 10 safest safaris in Africa.

1. Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best destinations for an African safari, thanks to the vast variety and numbers of its wildlife and the professional workings of its safari industry. If you’re going on safari here, it’s likely you’ll be travelling outside the cities which lowers your risk of crime. If you’re self-driving, look out for potholes and avoid travelling at night. When you’re going on game drives, you can relax in the knowledge that your guides are trained to handle wildlife encounters.

2. Zambia

Zambia is considered one of the safest places in Africa. As with any other city around the world, there’s a slight risk of theft in centres like Lusaka and Livingstone, but very few travellers run into issues here. Zambia enjoys a stable political climate, but it would be wise to avoid any protest action. During your safari, experienced guides will know how to manage all and any potentially dangerous wildlife situations.

3. Namibia

Thanks to its low crime rate, Namibia is a blissful destination for travellers. The country’s stable political situation means there’s never any risk of serious conflict. Mostly you’ll be travelling away from city centres so you can kick back and look forward to enjoying wild safaris, stargazing, memorable road trips and adrenaline-pumping activities like quad-biking, sandboarding down massive dunes and even skydiving. 

4. Seychelles

The Seychelles is possibly one of the safest countries in Africa. This idyllic collection of islands in the Indian Ocean seldom experiences any incidences of crime, the government is stable and the tourism industry is well established. Most visitors stay in beach resorts, which hugely decreases any risk of crime, especially if you’re staying away from the main islands. Always follow the instructions of lifeguards and be aware of rip currents when swimming in the ocean.

5. Rwanda

Rwanda was listed as the 6th safest country worldwide for solo travellers in 2022. There’s plenty of security about, but this won’t detract from your experience when visiting this amazing nation. The country’s reaction to the genocide of 1994 was to rebuild and reconsolidate and the effect has been to create a climate of peace and stability and a great safety record for visitors and citizens alike. Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are safe and well organised and are just one of plenty reasons you’ll love it as one of the best safaris in Africa.

6. Lesotho

Tourists to the tiny, mountainous country of Lesotho generally spend most of their time out of the cities and in the countryside, where life moves at a relaxed pace. Crime in the rural areas is rare, but it’s advised to hike in groups in case of injury, bad weather and for the best navigation.

7. Mauritius

The beautiful island nation of Mauritius is possibly one of the safest places to visit in Africa. This multicultural paradise is a perfect destination for relaxed holidays where crime is virtually non-existent. Mauritius is a firm favourite for families and its many beach resorts guarantee a climate of safety for any nervous travellers. 

8. Botswana

Travellers to Botswana will mostly be heading to wilderness areas where there’s virtually no risk to safety and security. Add that to the country’s politically stable climate and the risk of crime drops even lower. The tourism industry here is well established and experiences pretty much zero corruption. Safaris are well organised with highly trained and experienced guides that keep visitors safe in the case of any potentially risky wildlife encounters.

9. Kenya

Kenya’s safari industry is arguably the best organised in Africa and crime levels are low, even in cities like Nairobi. There are travel warnings when it comes to the Northern coast and Somalian border but avoiding these areas isn’t a problem. On safari a well trained guide will minimise any risks during wildlife encounters. If you’re self-driving, avoid the roads and night and choose a car hire company with a solid reputation. 

10. Uganda

Uganda is a popular tourism destination and travellers to this country rarely have any issues with safety. Typical precautions apply in the cities however, so remain vigilant when you’re travelling through them. For the most part, though, you’ll be out in the wilderness areas. Experienced rangers will accompany visitors on gorilla trekking tours and are trained to manage any particularly risky scenarios.          

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