5 Most Famous Treks in Leh Ladakh

Summary: This article gives an outlook on the paradise of trekking in India, i.e. Ladakh, and encompasses the 5 most famous treks.

Trekking is a heavenly activity, because it takes you to places, and some of these places just as well might be HEAVEN or close to that. Trekking in India is a popular activity for which, people come in large numbers and scale the different heights of the mountains. It’s popular because the mother mountain range – The HIMALAYAS, has been a host to some of the most difficult treks in India and worldwide. 

One such popular destination for trekkers is Leh and Ladakh.

Leh- Ladakh, comes under the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is situated in the eastern-most part of the state. Being one of the highest altitude plateau regions in India, it stands at a height of over 3000 meters above the mean sea level. The weather there is dry and cold, and it hardly rains, because of the lofty mountains surrounding the area that act like walls.

The mountain range in Leh Ladakh constitutes the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain ranges of the upper Indus River valley. The mountains of leh-ladakh are what you call the “dry” mountains because of the sandy soil and Rocky Mountains; the range is known to have formed granite stone. This makes the land less fertile than the other mountains that you have seen with lush flora. 

One of the most interesting motivations for Trekking in Ladakh, to chart these dry mountains; is for the love of the different kinds of mountains and their terrains. The pristine landscape is also termed the “moonscape” because of its strong resemblance to feel of a dry moon with craters and peaks.

5 Most Famous Treks in Ladakh:

Here is a list of the 5 most famous Ladakh tour . We have curated a list of best treks to do in Ladakh for you.


The Chadar trek is a winter trek. Chadar meaning “sheet” in Hindi, This is a trek, done in the winters because of the layer of ice that lies on the river Zanskar (a tributary of the river Indus); that one treks through. Guarding the trek route are 600 meters high mountain cliffs. This route was a traditional safe passage for the people in the winter months. It is also called the Zanskar George.

Distance: 105 kilometers

Duration: 8-9 days

Base: Chilling


Stok kangri is an end of summer trek, which is best to be taken in the months of July, August and September. This is one of the highest treks to the summit expeditions in the world. The mount Stok Kangri scales a whooping height of 20,080 feet and the staggering height is most difficult on the last day of the trek, because of the oxygen levels and hard conditions in the weather.

Duration: 8-9 days

Base: Leh


The snow leopard trek is a winter trek that is to be taken in the mid of the months march and November. This beautiful expedition attracts many people from all across the globe. The trek leads to the Heris National Park; which is known to host a few sacred and endangered animals and birds in a thriving ecosystem. One may be able to catch a glimpse of the snow leopard, Tibetan wolves, blue sheep, Eurasian brown bear, horned sheep, golden eagle, vultures, and migratory birds.

Distance: 80 kms

Duration: 13 days (4 days travel, 9 days trek)



The reason why the Markha valley trek is very entertaining is because, other than shedding the stress out of your system with its authentic hilly village mountain vibes with exotic mountain goats, blue sheep and Makpai birds, the colorful formation of the rocks, make the mountains look very colorful. 

Distance: 65 kms

Duration: 8 days

Base: Chilling


This brings to the last, but what can be said to be the prettiest trek in India- the Kashmir great lakes trek. After all it’s not every day that you get to behold 5 alpine pristine lakes one after the other in one single trek. The grand vision of a mountain reflecting on the deep and crisp blue waters of the lake , sometimes an iceberg floating on the surface and more such soul reposing views. The five lakes that you will be witnessing are The Vishnusar, The Kishansar, The Gadsar, The Satsar and The Gangabal (the twin lakes). This is the reason why trekking in Ladakh is a Heaven in Disguise. 

Distance: 72 kms

Duration: 8 days

Base: Sonamarg                                                                                                     

Trekking does become a heavenly activity in the most pristine ecosystems of the world. I hope these destinations reach out to all the trekking enthusiast souls in the world to walk on these different terrains.                 

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