Top Things to Do in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka and is located in southern India. Bangalore is widely regarded as the silicon valley of India, and the Garden city of India. The city has a great mix of history, culture, nature etc. So here are the top things to do in Bangalore.

Guhantara Underground Cave Resort

The Guhantara resort is built underground, using natural elements coupled with modern touches. This underground dwelling offers overnight stays as well as a wealth of indoor and outdoor adventure and recreation.

Everything about this place is traditional enough to take you back in time, right from the entrance that has a wooden bridge-style gate with antique touches, to the activity area and rooms – all exude a prehistoric cave look and feel with wood carvings, dim lighting and low roofs, as well as maintaining contact with nature.

This unique resort has four types of rooms: Primitive, Lithic, Cave Suite and Lithic Suite. There are a total of 20 rooms, each with a view of the eco-friendly rainwater lake. And, if that’s not enough, every room has a sitting-out, with a spectacular view of the clear blue skies.

The tariff for each room varies. The Primitive Room cost INR 8.500 ($ 132.6) per day per couple and the Lithic Room cost INR 9.500 ($ 148) per day of twin sharing, while the High Roller Options cost INR 9.500 ($ 148) per day of twin sharing.

Include the Cave Suite costing INR 15,000 ($ 234) for four sharings, and the lithic suite cost INR 10,000 ($ 156) for twin sharing, all of which include complimentary breakfast, accommodation, games and tax.

However, if you only opt for a room, the price will vary from INR 4000 ($ 62.44) and maybe up to INR 10.500 ($ 163.9)

Services and Facilities
The resort comprises five service areas, each unique and creative, with traditional names. The bar lounge is called ‘Madhushala,’ dimly lit with craggy contours, where guests can enjoy a drink or two.

The food court, called ‘Sambhojna,’ which serves multi-cuisine food, is a joy.

The auditorium known as ‘Rangamandpa,’ where folk performances and other entertainment activities are held, can hold up to 700 people. The conference room known as ‘Samvaad’ is equipped with modern facilities.

There’s nothing missing on that front when it comes to recreation.

There are plenty of activities for all ages, such as horseback riding, tunnel trekking, bull riding, beach volleyball, billiards, badminton, darts, trampoline, bike rides, table tennis, paintball, carom, chess, and more – you’ll never run out of fun things to do here, whether indoors or outdoors.

Swimming pools with enteric waterfalls, baby pools, children’s playground, herbal gardens, rain dance, DJs, cultural programs, bonfires and Wi-Fi are also available.

There are several packages to choose from, depending on whether you want to spend a day or a weekend.

How to get there
Approximately 42 miles (a two-hour drive) from Bengaluru International Airport and approximately 21 miles from Bangalore City Railway Station, the resort is located off Kanakapura main road – take a taxi from the airport/railway station for the rest of the way.

Hesaraghatta Lake Picnicking

This decade-old freshwater lake, which is the source of irrigation for the people of Bangalore, is another of the innate beauties of the region.

Only the reverberation of birds breaks the daydream of the place.

While some amazing birds including Bush larks, Paddy Field Pipit, Pond Heron, and Black Drongo are enjoying a blissful picnic on the banks of this lake.

Boating on the lake is often a tremendous experience, be it with friends, relatives or even alone.

Right in the middle of the city, the lake is located; Ulsoor Lake is more or less like support for Bangalore’s people who are looking for a break from their boring schedule.

In this pond, there are a variety of small islands where one can rest for a while.

If only the motivation is just to relax in the environment, then you can take a turn on the side of the lake along the alleyway.

At Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Appreciating the Natural Beauty

In any gloominess, waves of colour are likely and the fragrance of flora transfers people to a Zen state immediately when you cross the threshold of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

At this park, which transversally arrives as a refuge in the tech area, the ecosystem is in full flourish.

Fascinating rows and rows of plants and over a thousand kinds Keep one transfixed and increase a sense of serenity all over.

In this backyard, some leaves are as old as a hundred living things. This playing field is spread over more or less 40 acres and was built by Hyder Ali, who was one of Mysore’s renowned rulers.

Some of the park’s tourist attractions include unusual steamy trees, a plant-life regulator and a Snow White and Seven Dwarfs themed park.

The Shivagange Hiking

In the shape of a shiva linga, the mountain reaches the highest point and has a little rivulet by the name of Ganga curving by, giving it the name of Shivagange.

It is just the great mark of trekking for Bangalore’s youth.

Due to the Sharadambe temple and a number of teerthas such as Kanva Teertha, Agasthya Teertha, Kapila Teertha, and a number of teerthas, this peak also has a holy significance.

Agasthya Teertha, Kapila Teertha, and Pathala Gange are there on this hill.

Have a Party Time at The Rasta Café

Rasta Café has a special place in the compassion of the young people of Bangalore. Although the place does not give alcohol to its visitors, the calm down centre for the adolescents of Bangalore is more immobile than ever at night.

The café is open all day long and has both an interior and an alfresco sitting in the well-kept garden.

Striking the Stress Away

Fun and kick your heels together when you get away with your associates at the bowling alleys in Bangalore.

A much-loved activity of the adolescent crowd in the capital, it’s a great way to have a superior time in the middle of the week.

Moderately, the shape of these bowling alleys is untied until a little earlier than midnight, and even if all your bowling balls are untied.

Most bowling alleys in the metropolis also include other games, as well as
foosball and air hockey, which are equally well-liked.

Go to Karting

The adrenaline rush, lined with rubber wheels vrooming crossways, the go-karting track gives a tremendous sense of excitement to the adventure sports enthusiasts of Bangalore.

One of the best ways to have an exciting evening in Bangalore doesn’t require a special skill set, but it needs compassion filled with daredevil.

The small four-wheeler cars are big enough for one, but you can also hunt along the track with your friends.

To Attend the Music Gigs

Bangalore is a city that comes to life at night and what a night it is if you spend it enjoying some of the world’s music gigs that are an important part of Bangalore.

The city has hosted a number of well-known music bands over the last few years.

Names like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Guns and Rose have all entertained the Bangalore crowd. The genre of these live gigs includes everything from rock, pop, EDM, Sufi, jazz and even Bollywood’s unparalleled favourite.

Meditation and Rejuvenation at The Art of Living International Centre

The Art of Living Center is not only an experience for the body, but also for the mind and soul.

You can indulge in some seva, satsang, and meditation here to achieve a state of bliss for the mind and to gain some divine knowledge.

Built on a lush green hillock, the ashram offers the soul a rejuvenating experience through its calm and serene landscape, in the midst of which the ashram stands out as a picture.

Giving Prayers to ISKCON Temples

Interfacing with the vast is the best thing to do when you have finished alone, away from the concerns of the world.

What’s more, ISKCON Temples is your objection to the off chance that you’re out on such a trip to Bangalore.

Bangalore is honoured to have two of these, the Sri Radha Krishna Temple and the Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Temple, unrivalled in excellence and tranquillity.

Both these sanctuaries respect Lord Krishna and are run by enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Walking Along the MG Road

There are places that draw out the quintessence of the city and present its best image.

One such spot is MG Road in Bangalore, where you can have an amazing night just by walking on the bright enough street.

It’s the busiest street in Bangalore, but then with regard to choosing a spot to do something around the evening, It’s still at the first spot on the list.

Being the centre of most sporting exercises and the business focal point of the city, it has something for every kind of guest.

Go on a shopping binge, gorge on your #1 food, or move on while you’re drinking, on MG Road, getting exhausted isn’t an alternative!

Enjoying the Delights of Street

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is home to the country’s finest nerds and an immense understudy swarm, leading to a thriving road food industry.

In case you’re a herbivore, head to VV Puram Food Street when the nightfall falls to try some lip-smacking vegan delights.

The road is going to ruin you for the decision, offering you dishes from pav bhaji and dal bhaji to a variety of chaat dishes.

More than twenty food slows down on this road to give out some scrumptious food that will take you too long to add.

Another alternative for road food in Bangalore is Jayanagar, which is open until 12 p.m. and is useful for that fiery 12 p.m. longings.

Move the Night Away

Home to some chic bars, Bangalore has an abundance of choices about drinking the common office troubles while appreciating the city’s spectacular horizon.

Bar jumping is the way our Silicon Valley loves to go through the night, especially at the end of the week.

The roof bars and bars in Bangalore offer some great party time arrangements and you can taste your drinks while the wonderful night breeze adds to the settings. In addition, large numbers of these spots have unrecorded music groups at the end of the week alongside sports screenings.

Travelling with The Light of The Moon

Bangalore, with its unceasing love of the experience, is a city that never dwells. You can have a large group of exercises arranged to take part, all day long.

For people who love the taste of the experience, you can plan a late-night travel trip with your companions, where you can see the twilight sky when you start your journey and end your journey by watching the sky shine with the morning beams of the sun.

There are a few evening trails around Bangalore that the experts, as well as the beginner adventurers, are humorous. Here are the best places to travel near Bangalore to fuel your adrenal surge!

Outdoors During the Starry Night

For an outdoor night traveller, another extraordinary movement to enjoy Bangalore is going outdoors. Camp under the stars and enjoy some unrecorded music with a huge fire in the winters.

A few gatherings in Bangalore put together these night camps around the city, within 100 km. All the outdoor gear is provided by the coordinators, and some offer rewards with their bundle.

Interfacing with The Wild in Bannerghatta National Park

Children who visit this park have a great time, and that goes for the adults who go with them, too. All around kept up and home to some amazing natural life, this park is useful for a day-long excursion with your children.

Viewing creatures in their characteristic living space offer children a learning experience and is a pleasure for untamed life photographers. What’s more, that’s not it, because there’s also a butterfly park in the grounds that weaves almost a wonderland-like landscape.

Love the Dolls at BAL Bhavan

With parks getting smaller and children getting busier, the best way to give children an exciting day in Bangalore is to take them on an excursion to BAL Bhavan, which is located inside Cubbon Park.

It’s a cheering show to see children snickering with joy while onboard a toy train, Putani Express, or looking at the dolls in the Dolls Museum with their mouths completely open.

A wide twelve-section land area also includes horse riding for youngsters alongside a variety of games.

Have a Gala Time at Wonder La

After all, we all have a little kid inside of us, waiting to be let out at the first opportunity. So give that inner kid a chance along with your teen toddlers, and start with Wonder La, Bangalore’s famous Amusement and Water Park.

The park has nearly fifty plus rides on its vast eighty-two-acre campus for children of all ages, built with stylish technology and world-class safety.

Not only does the park maintain a clean condition for its visitors, but it also takes care of their ease by maintaining the water in the water park during the winters.

Getting to The New World at Innovative Film City

This Indian-themed film city is a popular appeal for children in Bangalore.

The location of fifty-eight acres has a number of impressive features such as Dinosaur Park, Cartoon City, Haunted Mansion, Miniature City, and the Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Making Wooly Friends at Gerry Martin Farm

Thanks to God that there is finally at least one place where all the rhyme of the kindergarten comes true!

While the public is on a nostalgic trip, your little ones have fun with little ducks, horses, pigs, emus, bunnies, turtles and cute guinea pigs.

Bulky trees and a plethora of cuddly animals give this ranch a wonderful country background in the busy city of Bangalore.

Kids can also feed the animals with the food provided by the ranch and learn to value other living

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