Top 15 Places To Visit In Kashmir With Your Family & Friends

Kashmir is a paradise on earth, with its snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and sparkling lakes. It is a perfect destination for a family tour, as it offers something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the scenic beauty, indulge in adventure activities, or explore the rich culture and history of Kashmir. known as The Garden of Eden on the Planet is an attractive location that attracts tourists with its amazing natural beauty and rich heritage of culture. This beautiful valley, located in India’s northern region, is a retreat for individuals who value nature, adventure, and peace.Kashmir is a region of breathtaking natural beauty in northern India. It is an ideal destination for families and friends seeking an enjoyable and relaxing holiday .We combine natural beauty, a vibrant culture, and adventure in our Kashmir family tour package. You’ll take a thrilling journey to the Gulmarg meadows, discover the amazing Dal Lake on a shikara ride, and go to the Mughal Gardens. Enjoy sports like river rafting and horseback riding while enjoying Pahalgam’s stunning beauty, often known as the Valley of Shepherds.Your family will enjoy real Kashmiri food and stay in cozy rooms. Your family’s trip will be trouble-free and secure thanks to our expert guides. Spend time with your loved ones making unforgettable memories as you engage yourself in Kashmir’s beauty.

Here are the top 15 Places To Visit In Kashmir With Your Family & Friends


Srinagar, is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, a union territory governed by India. This city is renowned for its magnificent natural beauty and rich cultural legacy. It is located in the scenic Kashmir Valley. One of Srinagar’s best-known qualities is the famous Dal Lake, with its calm waters and exquisite houseboats, which provides tourists with a singular and relaxing way to see the city. The historical importance of the city and the wonderful garden architecture are displayed in the Mughal Gardens, such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh. The vibrant handicraft and fragrant spice shops in Srinagar’s bustling markets offer an insight into the way of life of the locals.With our best chosen Srinagar tour packages, discover the splendor of Srinagar. Exciting, diverse, and unforgettable encounters are in store. The city also has a number of stunning landmarks and historical sites, such the Jamia Masjid and the Shankaracharya Temple, which showcase its variety of cultures. Because of its unique combination of natural beauty and cultural diversity, Srinagar is a location that attracts a variety of interests, from history buffs to those who enjoy the outdoors.

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The area brings us pictures of beautiful meadows, attractive scenery, and endless adventure at the mere mention of it. With its beautiful gardens and wide range of recreational opportunities, this picturesque hill station in the Baramulla district has established a reputation as a top tourist destination in the Kashmir Valley. It is the location of the well-known Gulmarg Gondola, one of the highest cable cars in the world, which takes tourists to a height from where they can observe the surrounding mountain ranges from above. Gulmarg has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a passionate golfer hoping to tee off against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, an adventurous hiker hoping to explore the trails that crisscross the area, or a fan of winter sports hoping to make tracks in the perfect snow. The attraction of Gulmarg rests not only in its uses but also in its peaceful environment and the chance it provides to establish a strong bond with nature.

Drung Waterfall

A beautiful sight to behold is Drung waterfall, a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of the wilderness. The Drung waterfall, which may be seen in Kashmir’s lovely valleys, is a beauty of Mother Nature. A peaceful melody created by the flow of clear water sliding over hard rocks, vibrating with peace. Drung waterfall is reachable with a lovely hike, and it rewards travelers with a beautiful view that renews the soul. The waterfall, which is surrounded by thick trees, is a paradise for nature lovers and other outdoors lovers. The trek to Drung waterfall is an adventure in and of itself, taking travelers through amazing scenery and a green track. Drung waterfall delivers amazing views whether you want to be alone in nature or want to use a camera to capture its beauty, making it a popular tourist destination.

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Doodhpathri is a small hill station in Kashmir, located in the Budgam district. Apart from the thousands of tourists, this location is hidden among lush meadows and impenetrable forests and is still a well-kept secret. The frothy, milk-like streams that meander across the meadows and inspire feelings of purity and peace are the source of the term itself. Doodhpathri provides the ideal escape for people looking for peace in the midst of nature thanks to its calm atmosphere and unspoiled natural beauty. It’s a place where picnics turn into close encounters with the scenery, quick hikes result in amazing discoveries, and simply being in nature can be extremely moving.


Yusmarg, a quiet field surrounded by thick woodlands and a peaceful ambiance, lies tucked away in Kashmir’s Badgam area. In addition to wildflowers, crystal-clear streams, and the soft hush of nature, this lush green paradise is decorated. The ethereal environment’s simplicity is part of what makes it attractive. Yusmarg encourages leisurely strolls, picnics, and quiet periods so that tourists can unwind amidst the beauty of the surroundings. It’s a setting that promotes peaceful reflection, providing an island from the activity of the city and a return to the love of nature.

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Gurez Valley

The Gurez Valley, a peaceful and mostly unexplored gem, is hidden in Kashmir’s northern regions. The primary settlement of Dawar is renowned for its tranquil surroundings, breath-taking views, and closeness to the Kishanganga River. Gurez Valley, which is surrounded by majestic peaks and covered in a beautiful environment, provides a window into traditional Kashmiri life and culture. It is a place of unadulterated, raw beauty that attracts individuals who are daring and wish to see nature in its pure condition.

Mughal Garden

Mughal gardens are a tribute to the beauty and artistic skill of the Mughal Empire, which was most prominent in the Indian subcontinent during the 16th and 17th centuries. These beautiful gardens stand out for their symmetrical structure, geometric patterns, flowing water elements, greenery and bright arrangements of flowers. The Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, Kashmir, is one of the most well known Mughal gardens and is famed for its tiered design, elaborate fountains, and scenic Dal Lake backdrop. Another treasure in Srinagar, the Nishat Bagh offers expansive views of the Zabarwan Range and well maintained meadows. These gardens represent the Mughal ideal of happiness on earth by mixing art and nature in an effortless way. They are peaceful retreats where tourists can relax as well as their historical fortune.

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Dal Lake

An amazing beauty located in the center of Srinagar, Kashmir. This beautiful lake, which is 22 square kilometers in size, is evidence of the area’s beautiful scenery. It is known for having an unusual mix of amazing mountain views, lovely houseboats, and colorful lakes. On its peaceful rivers and lakes, visitors can enjoy a relaxing shikara ride, discover colorful floating marketplaces, and take in the historical Mughal gardens. a popular tourist destination, Srinagar’s Dal Lake is an essential part of daily life, providing families with an option of shipping, a source of income, and food. Its calm waters and green covers make it an effective icon of Kashmir’s natural beauty, attracting visitors to take in its relaxed beauty.

Bangus Valley

The valley is an undiscovered magical land for the adventurous traveler looking for unusual adventures. This valley, which is located in the Kupwara area, is a vast expanse of rolling meadows that attracts people who long for seclusion in the midst of the unspoiled beauty of nature. Clear streams dot the terrain, and the clean mountain air provides a welcome respite from the noise of city life. Bangus Valley, which offers a still-untamed and perfect nature, is a witness to the joy of discovery.

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Daksum Valley

This is a haven for hikers and environment lovers, surrounded by verdant green woods and rushing streams. It is close to Anantnag and is yet mostly unexplored by the tourist hordes, providing a sense of quietness and a profound connection with nature. The challenging topography, diverse wildlife, and symphony of running water make the ideal environment for exploration and relaxation. Travelers are invited to spend all of themselves in the beautiful and unspoiled natural world in Daksum Valley.

Sinthan Top

The Anantnag district’s Sinthan Top, a high-altitude pass, offers amazing views that are absolutely beautiful. During the summer, when the landscape is covered with a kaleidoscope of vibrant flowers, the pass awakens to its full grandeur. Photographers of nature and those who want to get away from the bustle of the city will find it to be a heaven. Sinthan Top is a location where the beauty of nature may be appreciated from an elevated viewpoint, creating wonder and amazement.

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Tulail Valley

Tulail Valley, a part of the Gurez Valley region, is known for its peaceful scenery and a rare chance to encounter genuine Kashmiri culture and beauty. It’s a location where visitors may become fully immersed in regional traditions and customs while being surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the Kashmiri countryside. The Tulail Valley provides a window into the area’s rich cultural fabric, where nature, culture, and history interact together.


Pahalgam is a beautiful town and a popular tourist destination in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a location where nature dominates, with lush valleys, large pine woods, and the ever-rising Lidder River as a backdrop. Pahalgam is a spiritual and cultural center as well as the starting point of the yearly Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage. Visitors can enjoy leisurely horseback rides, hiking excursions, or just soak in the peace and quiet of this natural environment. The Pahalgam Golf Course, which provides golfers with a distinctive experience situated within stunning surroundings, contributes to the town’s attraction. The Aru and Betaab Valleys, two hidden gems close by, are ideal for exploring and offer a glimpse of the natural beauty Pahalgam and its surroundings have to offer.


In recognition of its amazing natural beauty, Kokernag, a small and charming town in the Anantnag region of the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, gets referred to as Kokernag’s beautiful plant collection as its main attraction. In this section sparkling springs and water channels cross beautiful terraced gardens decorated with colorful and saffron-scented flowers. These colorful gardens provide a delightful escape into nature’s love in the background of the majestic Pir Panjal mountains.

The village is well known for its therapeutic mineral springs, which are thought to provide therapeutic benefits. These springs not only add to the peaceful atmosphere but also entice tourists looking for the healing properties of the rich minerals in the waters. Kokernag is a peaceful retreat ideal for nature lovers.


Verinag, a charming hamlet set away in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district, is important both historically and geographically as the source of the Jhelum River, one of the major rivers in the area. The Verinag Spring, a natural wonder famed for its immaculate waters and Mughal architecture, is the jewel in the town’s crown. A tranquil paradise that has long enchanted both tourists and residents alike, the spring is surrounded by lush gardens, tiered lawns, and old Chinar trees. In the 17th century, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir was particularly taken with Verinag’s beauty and constructed a structure there as evidence to the cultural and historical glory of the Mughal Empire. Verinag is a peaceful, calming place in addition to its historical attraction. All those interested in history and lovers of nature come there because of the area’s calm, clear waters, natural beauty, and historical artifacts.

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