The 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations In the World in 2022

Everyone is itching to leave their homes after this protracted post-covid conflict and inhale the fresh air beneath the clouds. Anyone who likes to travel has already begun to make preparations for the new year. We are all conscious that spending more money means staying longer. We are all bursting with questions. Where may one go in 2022 to spend less cash, stay longer, and obtain top facilities?

When traveling to a country with a low cost of living, one can eat well at a nearby diner for the price of a movie ticket or stay overnight in a five-star hotel for the same price as a hostel in another city. These are the ten cheapest places on earth that you should think about visiting are listed below.


Greece would come in first place in our pick for a budget-friendly place where tourists may get the most for their money. Greece has persistently participated in the Euro since more than 2 decades, even through the most recent currency decline. Greece has so long been regarded as an affordable holiday destination in Europe.

Renting a modern 504 square-foot RK flat on the Greek island of Zakynthos costs $19/ night. Greek food is delicious, and meals with fish can be grabbed for just $7.


Talking about my next pick, I’m eager to inform you about this Southeast European nation that deserves more attention! Even though Albania’s infrastructure is improving and its tourism sector is only getting started, now is the perfect time to visit before it develops into the next Croatia!

Its unspoilt coastline, quirky city, well-preserved Ottoman-era towns, and beautiful Alpines are just a few of the many attractions. You could learn more about Albania’s fascinating past while you go there, learning that it was once a secluded country known as the “North Korea” of Europe during the Cold War. As a legacy of this peculiar era, Albania is still home to hundreds of abandoned bunkers.

And have I mentioned Albania’s low cost? Dorm rooms at hostels cost roughly $9, while budget hotels cost around $24. An average dinner will set you around $3.


Thailand is another one of the least expensive places to go to,This is the top places to visit in Bangkok,Thailand, but that doesn’t mean much if there aren’t a tonne of gorgeous tourist sites around for visitors to check out, from the high mountains in Phuket to the beaches and islands in Southern Thailand.

There are more reasons to add Thailand to our list, though. How many nations provide a wide selection of delectable, fresh food that can be purchased directly from the street for much less than $1.5? How many places provide luxurious lodging for even less than $15 each night? From my personal experience, not much.

Like most people from underdeveloped nations, I truly wanted to see the “developed” world, but after spending the last eight years traveling and living abroad for extended periods of time, I have come to appreciate Thailand for what it is and understand why it is so well-liked by tourists.


Istanbul, regarded as one of the most fascinating and spectacular cities in the world, draws many travelers to Turkey. It boasts a Mediterranean shoreline that is euphorically beautiful, has hospitable citizens, and inspirational Islamic heritage and culture.

Because of the economic catastrophe, travel is currently less expensive in Turkey. Delicious traditional foods are available for $5. On the streets, kebabs are also reasonably priced, and a nice guesthouse is available for less than $20 a night.


One of the most varied nations in Southeast Asia is Indonesia, the biggest island nation in the world with over 17,000 islands. It comes among the finest places in the world to travel since it has so many islands, each with a unique culture and language, and full of isolated woods and volcanoes.

Even in popular tourist destinations like Bali, it is really affordable here if you know where to search. I have visited Indonesia more than five times, and each time I go, I always come away with something new to explore.

There is a tonne of activities here, from climbing Mt. Rinjani to diving with manta rays in the Komodo Islands. Java is Indonesia’s largest island. Beautiful monuments like Borobudur may be found in Java, Indonesia’s largest island, yet travel there is still surprisingly affordable.


Colombia is a fantastic place to visit, and thankfully it’s nothing like the Netflix series Narcos, which is set more than 50 years ago. The vast Amazon rainforest, the beginning of the Andes range, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and other South American features may all be found in Colombia. 

One of the top low-cost holiday locations in the Americas can be found when you combine Medelln and Bogota with the warm hospitality of Colombians and its lively culture. Additionally, there are still highly advantageous foreign exchange rates between the USD and EUR and the Colombian peso.


Most of us have expensive mental pictures of Island holidays filled with opulent hotels, cuisine, and amenities. But it’s not always the truth. In contrast to its expensive nearby islands and the popularity of Fiji water, it is a very inexpensive tourism destination. Even though there are a few hotels in the country that price $1,000/ night, you may still be able to enjoy the advantage of stunning beaches, excellent dives, mouthwatering seafood, and friendly people without needing to purchase a home.

You can get a tonne of flight discounts to Fiji because the airline stops there. That is utilized by plenty of travelers, and a tiny backpacker community has grown as a result. That entails affordable lodging, travel, and entertainment, particularly in the well-known Yasawa Islands. You may benefit from all these discounts even if you’re not a traveler and save money. 

South Korea

South Korea isn’t talked about enough. One of the world’s greatest “unrevealed” holiday spots, in my view, is South Korea. It provides a sophisticated infrastructure, delicious and varied cuisine, stunningly beautiful scenic beauty, and unmatched nightlife. Its expenses are equivalent to that in Southeast Asia.

It is one of the least popular travel destinations in the world. In South Korea, it’s challenging to spend more than you have planned because most items cost very less, say thousand won and 1 won is equal to $1. I went out with a friend for Korean BBQ and beverages, and we each paid $8. For less than $1, you can purchase beer bottles at 7-Eleven. 

Trains cost little. Everything is affordable here, and it’s also interesting and enjoyable! Visit South Korea if you’re seeking an inexpensive trip to Asia. Many international planes arrive here!


Another fantastic and affordable vacation location in South Asia that provides a distinctive experience and a tonne to explore without breaking the budget is Vietnam. Vietnam, like the majority of Southeast Asian nations, is unlike its neighbors and merits travel on its own.

One of the biggest lures for tourists to visit Vietnam is the diversity of the country’s landscapes and cultures, which are bolstered by its lengthy history and troubled past. There is no run out of things to do in this region, from the entrancing scenery of Phang Nga bay to the massive Mekong Delta.

In addition, Vietnam has some of the greatest food prices in the world. The price per dish for well-known dishes like Pho, or Bahn Mi should be approximately 36k VND or $1.5.

When you add affordable lodging, a comprehensive tourism infrastructure, and a variety of landscapes together, you get one of the world’s most affordable nations that you should unquestionably visit if you’re traveling in Southeast Asia.


Peru would have to be my favorite South American nation if I had to choose. One can clearly see why I selected Peru as my favorite country given all the incredible activities you can do there, from visiting the well-known world-famous site of Machu Picchu to climbing through the Mountain Ranges in Huaraz and Cusco.

Peru is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourist attractions. It boasts the greatest food in South America, a storied Mayan past, and the breathtaking Andes mountain range, which provides countless experiences.

Due to its proximity to the Andes and higher average elevation of the nation, Peru is also listed in the budget-friendly travel places to go high-altitude mountaineering, second only to Nepal. You can travel across Peru for as low as $15 per day with meals costing about 2.5 per mealtime and lodging costing as little as $7 per night. You have one of the most affordable and desirable destinations to visit when you combine it with the low living costs.


These are the world’s ten most affordable nations to go to, according to my own experiences.

Traveling, in my opinion, is a very individualized experience, and your choice of a reasonably priced location will likely rely on your particular preferences. Are you someone who appreciates heritage culture, a diver who prefers island recreation, or a mountaineer who loves climbing and getting lost in verdant valleys?

How do you feel about these nations? Have thoughts about these affordable nations since you’re preparing to take a vacation across the world? If so, feel free to share it with me in the comments section below.

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