Why You Should Plan A Trekking Trip To Nepal?

If one wishes to truly explore the world, and go to places that still have some amount of primitive livelihoods still sustainably surviving in those regions, Nepal has got to be one of those places. The quaint Himalayan country hosts about 70% of the entire Himalayan mountain range. With the most exquisite varieties of flora, fauna and terrains, Nepal has emerged as a trekking hub of the world. 

There are about 900+ tribes, communities and sub-tribes that inhabit Nepal and its Himalayan ranges. People live in Nepal in high altitudes areas and so much of the ecosystem that they live in is incorporated in their cultures and their daily lifestyle. So much of the natural flora and fauna and its glimpses can be seen in the local foods, medicines, anecdotes, language, prayers, songs dances and traditions. It is almost a beautiful example of how the local tribes whom city-dwellers may consider to be “primitive”, have peacefully incorporated and made peace with the nature around them in so many ways. 

This is one reason why exploring Nepal is not a one-week expedition; you can truly dwell and study the beauties and idealistic compositions of Nepal’s way of being. It is the most exquisite way to explore how man and nature can co-exist in a wonderful harmony.

This is why 70000+ trekking enthusiasts flock to Nepal each year, in order to explore what a pristine mountainous ecosystem is composed of and how it has sustained all these years. And to conduct really safe and responsible travels all along the country there are more than 1800+ travel and tourism agencies hosting this influx of travelers. 

Nepal trekking tours, similar to trekking tours in India, offers a variety of terrains and trails to choose from. These terrains bring with them new landscapes and new land beneath your feet, along with new ways to explore the country. One of the most famous trekking tours in Nepal is the Mustang trekking tours. After one has explored the most popular trails of Nepal, Mustang trekking tours takes them into a different kind of travel experience, it is almost as though one is witnessing a new face of Nepal. 

However there are many reasons why one should plan a trekking trip to Nepal.

1. An anthropologist heaven:

Nepal is packed to the brim with exquisite and many different kinds of cultures and tribes that differ in foods, language, dialect, traditional jewelry, ecosystems, festivals, and anthropological origins. If one was a student of anthropological related studies, they would find a heaven of stories and origin stories of many cultures and tribes, here in Nepal.

2. Exquisite flora and fauna:

Some of the most mind-boggling flora and fauna from the Himalayas make the medicines and potions that we use in our everyday lives. An entire company has named itself after the mighty Himalayas. Not only general flowers, plants, trees and bushes, but one may find magical species of beings. For example the Yasergumba, this is a plant insect hybrid that is found in the Himalayas every 5 years in the spring season. This insect that looks like a caterpillar has a tiny leaf as the other half of its body. This insect, when it dies, the carcass of the hybrid is used as dust to cure many kinds of incurable diseases and ailments. The Yasergumba is sold in the international market for millions. Other such fantastic wonders can be witnessed while trekking in Nepal. Almost every single plant and tree is known for its medicinal uses. Many rare Ayurvedic potions and medicines are created out of the plants of the Himalayan region.

3. Adventure time prime time:

Adventure activities are a popular tourist attraction in Nepal. One can choose to   do a lot of adventure activities such as bungee jumping, zip lining, paragliding, helicopter rides on the mountains, rappelling, mountain climbing, rock climbing, light weight flights, mountains skiing, trekking and many more things. If you are an adrenaline junkie, there are many indulging activities that Nepal offers.

4. Trekking in Nepal does not burn a hole:

One may think that trekking and exploring Nepal would cost them huge amount of dollars, but they are wrong, if done the right way, trekking in Nepal does not cost you a fortune. This is why Nepal is on the bucket list of so any travelers. Because they get to experience the richest experience in Nepal with all its cultures and tribes and everyday lives at a very economic amount of money. 

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