This Summer Feel Fresh Through Trekking In Nepal

Summary – It’s the season to take a holiday and finally engage yourself in interesting activities! This summer, explore Nepal and don’t miss out on world’s most-famous treks as we give you the map of Trekking tours in Nepal. 

The land of Gautama Buddha has unrevealed surprises for you to discover. Summer trekking in Nepal is a breathtaking destination to visit the Himalayas, valleys, historical places and much more. The real beauty of Nepal, which was hidden under the sheets, would reach out to you this summer. Due to the less traffic of tourists in the treks, backpackers can enjoy the solitude and just alone time in nature. 

Trekking tours in Nepal is a combination of tricky trails, turquoise lakes, and panoramic views of snow-covered mountains in the Himalayas. Nepal is nothing less than an Art Gallery established by artistically by nature itself. 

During summers, Trekking in Annapurna Base Camp is mind-boggling. March and April are the two months when the region witnesses a heavy footfall of trekkers since the weather isn’t that chilly and the views are magnificent. On the other hand, Trekking in Everest Base Camp is recommended during the spring season (February-May) as the weather remains dry and mostly stable. 

From June-Aug, Nepal faces rains and trails can get muddy, slippery, foggy, and challenging. 

We have dug out some amazing rain shadow areas, which are untouched by the tricky weather, in the lap of Great Himalayan Trail, near Tibet, and in the arid climate as your perfect alternatives. 

Summer Trekking in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang – the deepest gorge in the world is surrounded by Buddhist villages, canyon walls, monasteries, and mysterious caves. One of the highlights of this trek is the last baton of the living Tibetan culture, ‘Forbidden land of Lo-Manthang’.

Dolpo Trek

Rain-shadowed areas like Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo trek will give you spectacular views of Dhaulagiri Range and Churen. Of also the deep-emerald Phoksundo Lake in Shey Phoksundo National Park which stands out impeccably. It’s the largest, and the only trans-Himalayan National Park in Nepal. Tshowa cloister in the east bank of this lake – a must visit!

Humla Limi Valley Trek

Entering this valley is like stepping back in time. Humla is unquestionably the most remote region in Nepal. Trekkers are most-likely to come across wildlife like musk deer, marmots, blue sheep, snow leopards, etc. It is a paradise for wildlife photographers.

This isolated area depicts the real Buddhist architecture and livelihood in between the medieval stones. 

Nar-Phu Valley Trek

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Nar-Phu is the Manang district of Northern Nepal where age-old Gompas, Glacial lakes, Yaks are witnessed around the villages of Bhotia and Neyshang, near Kang-La Pass. Inconceivable landscapes of Annapurna range come complimentary with the trek.

Rara Lake Trek

Rara is the the biggest lake in the smallest National Park. This area is not as arid as the Upper Mustang but this season offers best views of the vegetation, flora, and fauna, the alpine meadows around the stunning lake are worth the visit.

Other treks like, Kailash and Manasarovar tour, Jomsom Muktinath Trekking in Tibet region are the places which are protected by the discomforts of rain.

During winters, one cannot enjoy the high adventure treks. Therefore, this season is a comfortable period for trekkers to really have a good time in the versatility and cultural diversity of Nepal. 

(Tip: Carry your waterproof jackets and equipment. Sturdy, water-resistant boots are a must).

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