5 Tips Which Helps You in Trekking

Summary: Trekking is one of the best ways to test your limits and face the unknown but don’t forget to follow a few basic tips that every trekker must follow which will help you in trekking. 

With the increase in popularity of trekking, people from around the world are engaging themselves in this activity. This is also the reason that Trekking in Nepal, trekking in India, trekking in Costa Rica, Italy etc. are becoming enchanting and in fact, the preferred choice of experienced as well as amateur trekkers. 

If you have just started going on treks or about to go on your first trek, you must take into account that as a trekker you have a responsibility. Every trekker whether experienced or amateur must respect the place, its culture, and the beauty of that place. This is a basic rule every trekker must know. If you are looking for help; go through the following article for some more tips which will help you in trekking:

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5 tips which will help you in trekking

1. Train yourself well

Even if you have chosen an easy trek for the beginning, it is important that you must start preparing for it at least a month in prior. Gym freaks must start with hardcore cardio exercises to build the strength and stamina in the body. If you aren’t someone who loves hardcore workouts in the gym, it is highly recommended that you must start preparing yourself physically to meet the physical challenges of a trek. Including yoga asanas and breathing exercises like pranayama in your routine will enhance your breathing functionality. It will be helpful when you will be trekking in hills such as trekking in Annapurna base camp or the Himalayan range etc. Moreover, train yourself with weight as you are going to carry the backpack the entire trek.

2. Appropriate Clothing

Clothing plays a crucial role in any type of trek. If you are planning for a trek in the Himalayas, you will require appropriate clothing to help you stay warm and comfortable. You would require a warm jacket, rain jacket, sturdy shoes, woollen socks, headgear, sunglasses and gaiters if you are planning for trek in the upper reaches of the Himalayas. On the other hand, if you are aiming for beach treks, warm clothes won’t be necessary. All you would require are cotton t-shirts, comfortable shorts, bandana, sunglasses and a good pair of hiking boots. So, the clothing you require depends entirely on the place you wish to trek. 

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3. Hump light

Packing heavy stuff may decelerate your speed of trekking with respect to other trekkers.

Since you are going to carry the backpack for the whole trek, packing unnecessary things will be burdensome for you. Therefore, it is sensible that you must pack the necessary stuff that may include your medications, torch, sleeping mattress, and extra pair of clothes, slippers, necessary paper plates, and cups.

4. Eat and hydrate enough

Trekking is a drenching physical activity that needs a lot of strength and stamina. Therefore, while trekking make sure you eat healthy and light. Heavy or overeating will make you dizzy and will have an adverse effect on your body. It is recommended that you eat at small intervals and in small quantities. You may eat protein, energy or muesli bars, dry fruits, chocolates etc. to provide required energy in the body. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the trek is equally important, so drink enough water; especially if you are trekking in a tropical location.

5. Analyze the destination

Once you have decided the destination to trek, analyzing the place is the first thing you should do. Look for the places available for trekking in that particular area, reviews of each place will help you understand the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for the place. Don’t forget to study the cultural or historic importance of the place that may help you connect with the locals. You may also contact a trekking agency from the area for professional guidance over the same.

These are just a few basic tips to follow while you are going for trekking. For more information on trekking in Nepal, trekking in India, Trekking in Costa Rica keep looking for the next share on our website.

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